Africa has been in the dark for far took long. Time to plan for a brighter future


By Trust Sibanda


We had leaders who had a vision of one Africa. We ignored them during their stay on earth. The likes of Patrice Lumumba (DRC), Eduardo Modlane (Mozambique) and Samora Michael (Mozambique) and our 96-yea-old Kenneth Kaunda (Zambia) had the capacity of uniting the continent.

The selfless spirit of Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser (Egypt) and Dr Namdi Azikiwe (Nigeria) had the capacity of drawing a plan of one Africa.

The idea of one continent as noble as it is got defeated by tribalism and regionalism in most instances. We never learnt a lesson from the love great heroes like Dr Joshua Nkomo (Zimbabwe) had for people from all tribes.

Great heriones like Winnie Mandela and Victoria Chitepo only to mention a few were supposed to give us a sign before they left to tell our politicians to value human life. What is happening to Marange diamonds does not benefit the country but individuals.

An economy run by cartels is just a Mafia business that submits Africa to all forms of poverty and exploitation.

A reminder of how Al Haji Idi Amini Dada butchered the ethnics groups from the Acholi and Lango in Uganda just shows how bad hate can affect unity.

Isihaqa or Murumanyama

The lives wasted by Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe at the dawn of independence in the evil Gukurahundi cleansing, is a reflection that if people cannot unite within a country it will be difficult to come together on continental issues.

If Africa was to resuscitate the spirit of Dr Namdi Azikiwe (Nigeria) and Thomas Sankara (West Africa) our dependence on other continents was going to end. Our leaders now do not see solutions being derived from continent Africa.

We have to wait for decisions made across oceans for us to decide if not to copy Western experimental policies. We want the World Health Organisation to endorse our traditional herb from Madagascar.

We want other continents to approve our use of Isihaqa or Murumanyama because as Africans we do not believe in ourselves.

The efforts of leaders like Dedan Kimati (Kenya), Mwalimu Julius Nyerere (Tanzania) and Sam N’joma will die in vain if Africans hate one another.

We are not uniting today because the selfless crop in the class of Ras Tafari Mackonnen (Ethiopia), Leopold Sedar Senghor (Senegal), Leopold Takawira (Zimbabwe) and Steve Biko (South Africa) were never taken serious.

The politicians we have today who call themselves African Leaders have no will to unite us. They cannot be frank with each other if one of them is messing up his people.

We have seen respected leaders playing the silence diplomacy game while the neighbor was bleeding and its people scattering in different directions running away with dear life.

Some of our leaders play the Judas game to preserve friendship.
In the recent past we had Robert Mugabe and Muammar Gaddafi whose dreams of having a boarder less Africa was going to make the continent remove boundaries and work together in having an empowered United States of Africa.

That was just another dream as Mugabe had his own ghosts that he was dealing with since the economic meltdown of Zimbabwe. Gaddafi had his nightmares of being hunted by the blood hunters from the west.

Doing things the African way

Just to sum up, the current global pandemic must be used as an excuse by Africa to conduct themselves in an African way. They must revive the African bank and do away with the dependency on the World Bank and IMF.

They must go back to their indigenous knowledge systems that can unlock some of the puzzles modern medicines and interventions have failed to unlock.
Africa must work on modalities to work towards one currency to do away with trade barriers. If United States did it what will stop Africa from achieving that? Africa must stop looking at itself by tribes or nationality.

A sense of being African must engulf us. The rich diamond resources of the Democratic Republic of Congo must be cut and polished in Africa to decorate Africa and sold as finished products to benefit the continent.

This goes for all the mineral resources that make our continent rich. It must be a goodbye on importing tooth picks and pencils from China as if we have shortage of trees.
We must move towards adopting one language so that external forces do not use language to divide us. Our educational system must be transformed so as to address African challenges.

We cannot send kids to school to learn how to go oversees to be exploited. A uniform system of governance must be adopted so as to ensure oneness.

Nothing comes for free

I cherish an idea of an African taste. We have to be innovative to gain the bargaining power. We must take pride in being Africans. A United Sate of Africa is possible and profitable. With the resources we have we can have one big state and Federal governments run by Prime Ministers.

Africa is endowed with talent. If we do our own things we will bring our own inventions that come with an African taste which can be adopted by other continents.

If people like Nelson Mandela charmed the whole world we can still raise leaders who can charm the continent. Our biggest enemy as a continent is greed and clinging on to power for too long.

If we do not act now as Africa to find our self worth we will permanently live under remote slavery. We have been kept in the dark for too long like mushrooms and fed with rubbish that made us to be dependent on our former colonial masters.

The likes of Professor PLO Lumumba, Julius Malema and Joshua Maponga have the voice Africa needs. No one will hear them for now because Africa is in the hands of an expiring generation whose appetite is to have stocks of loots than the vision of a buildable Africa for the future.

Trust Sibanda is a businessman. He writes in his personal capacity.


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