If you don’t know where you are coming from, you won’t know where you are going

By Merkury Rising

This week, following all the world events that are on-going due to this lockdown, what are our world leaders up to as individual presidents?

I mean what is going on in their minds , and what are their views for the future?

Obviously some changes are called for and many changes will occur post the pandemic.

We have seen such similar events happening before our time.

The Spanish flu and others before that, what has the world learnt about it and what changes have been brought forward, to avoid further loss of lives in the future?

Could there be a driving force behind the pandemics? Could it be a conspiracy?

Maybe there is someone who is running the world behind dark curtains.

It is possible.

Maybe there is someone who is pulling the strings. Who is it who could be the puppet master here and it is a question of that Master injecting new ideas and new viruses into our existence?

That being could think that he is a cattle herder, driving us to a certain direction.

It is a cattle herder, who is herding the masses to some point that only he knows.
Making worldly decisions for every one.

What does an individual citizen have in mind for themselves, and their kids fifty years from now? Or hundred?

Are we blindfolded by who we are, and what perceptions of leaders who lead us?

What do you see about the future?

Are we living without gearing up for tomorrow?

As individual citizens what have we learnt on our own apart from what we have been taught at school, and that which we are following blindly?

For us to get solutions we need to understand where we going and where we have come from. ATCHOOO!

Don’t forget to cover your mouth when you go out in public.


The world need massive participation, decision making by those who live on it.

Can world peace be achieved when many countries are still oppressed and haven’t seen independence
From Covi One’s perceptions, till next week.

Merkury Rising is a correspondent for Zimbabwe Digital News.


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