The pacesetters are going out for the kill in the Brawlers Fitness Corner

As the South African government regulates outdoor exercise times to between 06h00 and 09h00 limited to around homesteads, we look at what this means for the runners out there


By Mitchell Kavhai

As the quest to keep fit in the wake of the continued lockdown intensifies, the Brawlers have seen renewed diversity in various activities of engagement.

Whist golf has been the main sporting event, the excitement has since shifted to fitness challenging walks, and intensive runs/jogs, indoor gym workouts as well as cycling challenges.


With the Anos Machinjike 10km Challenge set as the benchmark pacesetter for May 2020, individuals have responded with personal and courageous efforts to stay fit during this lockdown. Though not everyone has matched this challenge, there is evident and encouraging gradual positive build-up in the distances being covered and beyond.

From as minimal as 2km walks and runs, determined participants have seen the distances soar to up to 20km and beyond, constantly improving on the times spent on the exercises.

Timed paces have seen the Brawlers continuously cover longer distances in reduced times, thus tremendous improvements.

Indoor activity

Also highly motivating are videos and photographs shared on the Brawlers WhatsApp social media platform, showcasing home-based workouts.

From light weight to heavy weight lifting, timed aerobics and regular push and sit-ups, committed athletes have stopped at nothing to stay fit whilst staying indoors. This has served as a handy alternative in the wake of closure of fitness centres due to Covid-19.

Cycling activity

Despite the limitations of time regulated for people to be outdoors exercising, others have also upped their fitness game, taking cycling to the streets. From beginners to professionals, some cyclists have recorded distances of up to 40 km, again with varying speeds and time sets.

The level of commitment displayed by the Brawlers community to stay fit during the lockdown period is not only challenging, but rather encouraging.

The law of keeping fit

For all round exercising that involves outdoor activity, continued precautions need to be adhered to. Whilst it is highly challenging to perform any exercise with a face mask on, it is still a regulation to strictly follow.

Some athletes have confirmed to be able to rationally maintain the intake of air into the lungs through use of light clothed mouth and nose coverings. These allow for aeration to reasonably take place during exercising.

Although we all desire to stay fit, it is extremely challenging to maintain social distance whilst in action, for both runners and the walking civilians. It is therefore the responsibility of all citizens to stay within the legal frameworks during all public appearances.

The face and the mask

Firstly it is important that one gets used to the feeling of exercising with a mask on. Just like with new running shoes, it takes a few trials to get used to them and master a pace. One needs to psychologically prepare the mind that a new way of doing things is now prevailing. The mask should fit comfortably with limited irritation.

There is need to slow things down a little. Most people have been out of action for a while since the inception of the lockdown. One will need to gradually get back into action, at the same time incorporating the use of the mask.

There is no need to rush back to the normal pace overnight whilst still learning how to use a mask.

In addition there is need to try alternating routines within your exercise. Pay attention to your pulse rate and slow down where necessary. Since the mask will be on, for example when running, walk where possible to catch your breathe.

There is no need to entirely stick to set times before getting used to the mask; this is different from running with an open mouth and nose. A good mask should allow for breathing without restriction.

Lastly, do not at any given moment feel irritated by the mask. Your mind should not fight it, otherwise you grow anxiety and your body can experience panicking which is a negative on the health system during exercise.

If a mask poses a breathing challenge, one can try a bandana for maintaining safety.

Best achiever award

This week’s highlight goes to the outstanding performance by Reward Makoni in his workout under The Runners category covering a distance of 15,06 Km within a time of 1:13:19 Hrs. Looking forward to the next exciting workout achievement coming soon.
Stay fit. Stay safe!

Mitchell Kavhai is a correspondent for Zimbabwe Digital News, covering Brawlers Fitness News. Contact him at+27 62 347 8193



1. Reward Makoni – 15,06km – 1:13:19 hrs (4’52″/km)
2. Kudakwashe Matenga – 5km – 19:55mins (3’55″/km)
3. Kudakwashe Matenga – 10km – 38:28mins (4’46″/km)
4. Nixon Ganduri – 5,05km – 24:44 mins (4’54″/km)



1. Mark Sithole – 10,4km – 1:02:24 hrs (6’00″/km)
2. Donovan Chimhandamba – 10km – 1:02:24 hrs (6’15″/km)
3. Ano Machinjike – 10.4km 56:31 mins (5’37″/km)
4. Fidel Zimbango – 11,26km – 1:09:00 hrs (
5. Ray Bombo – 12,20km – 1hr22.47 (6.45/km)
6. Farai Zimbango – 12:18km – 1:19:53 (
7. Roger Mutangadura – 11,20km – 1:35:28 hrs (8’31″/km)
8. Stan Dinga – 10km – 1:01:07 hrs (
9. Hope T Chasi – 10km – 1:14:00 hrs (7’21″/km)
10. Graham Ndanga – 10.09km – 1:19:48 hrs (7’55″/ km)
11. Dr Chipamaunga – 10:45km – 1:13:39 hrs (7’03″/km)
12. Vengai Runyowa – 14,46 – 1:22:17 hrs (5’41″/km)
13. Rudo Sibanda – 12,01km – 1:30:00 (7’30″/km)
14. Tau Nkomo – 10,3km – 0:56:02 (5’58″/km)
15. Gibson Sibanda – 11,62km – 1:08:45
16. Loveness Chibikira 10.01km – 1:12:42 (7’16″/km)
17. Noell Machinjike – 14,56km – 1:21:53 hrs (5’37″/km)
18. Wendy Chiringa – 11,66km – 1:28:06 (7’33″/km)
19. Nixon Ganduri – 11,03km – 58:16 mins (5’17/km)
20. Wisdom Pasipamire – 10,10 – 1:19:31 hrs (7’52/km)
21. Adolphus Chinomwe – 10km – 1:12:08 ()1:
22. Kudakwashe Matenga – 10km – 38:28mins (4’46″/km)
23. Washy Mashanda – 10.15km – 1:03:15 (6.14″/km)
24. Fidel Zimbango – 10,13km – 59:54 mins (5’55″/km)
25. Hazel Chimhandamba – 10km – 1:08:17 (6’50″/km)
26. Tracey Mawoneke – 14,11km – 1:28:45 hrs (6’17″/km)


1. Wendy Chiringa – 15km – 1:50:39 (7’22″/km)
2. Rudo Sibanda – 12,01km – 1:30:00 (7’30″/km)
3. Loveness Chibikira 10.01km – 1:12:42 (7’16″/km)
4. Hazel Chimhandamba – 10km – 1:08:17 (6’50″/km)
5. Elizabeth Sakarombe – 8,45km –
6. Tracey Mawoneke – 14,11km – 1:28:45 hrs (6’17″/km)


1. Washington Mashanda – 21.19km – 2:31:51 (7’10″/km)
2. Joel Mungoshi – 26,48km – 2:44:10 (6’12″/km)
3. Ed Bates – 21,2km – 2:14:38 (6’07″/km)
4. Fair Jingo – 21,45km – 2:36:00 (7’16″/km)
5. Edward Dzirutwe – 21,02km – 1:37:00 (4’38″/km)
6. Stan Dinga – 21,01km – 2:10:24 (6’12″/km)
7. Rudo Sibanda – 20.04km – 2:34:54 (7’44″/km)
8. Mark Sithole – 21,20km – 2:14:20 (6’20″/km)


1. Joel Mungoshoshi – 15km – 1:26:58 hrs (5’46″/km)
2. Donovan Chimhandamba 15,01 – 1:37:16 hrs (6’29″/km)
3. Ed Bates – 16,35km – 1:34:38 hrs (
4. Farai Zimbango (15.12 km @ 6.41/km)
5. Fidel Zimbango (15.20k – 1:34:17)
6. Dr Taurai Chipamaunga (15.02km@7.55/km
7. Wendy Chiringa – 15km – 1:50:39 (7’22″/km)
8. Ronald Mukoyi – 16km – 1:54:00
9. Adolphus Chinomwe – 17km – 2:08:12 (7’30″/km)
10. Reward Makoni – 15,06km – 1:13:19 hrs (4’52″/km)



1. Leo Mapfirakupa – 5km – 28:19 mins (5’25″/km)
2. Ray Bombo – 5km – 28:16 mins (5’36″/km)
3. Donovan Chimhandamba – 5km – 29:00 mins (5’48″/km)
4. Dr Taurai Chipamaunga 5km-33-10 mins
5. Weddington Masawi – 5,13km – 35:58 mins (7’00″/km)
6. Tinashe Chaterera – 5.01km – 36:40 mins (7’18″/km)
7. Wisdom Pasipamire – 5,25 km 38:31 mins (7’20”/km)
8. Graham Ndanga – 5 km – 33:49 mins (6’46″/km)
9. Anos Machinjike 5km – 28:29mins 5’40″/km
10. Kudakwashe Matenga – 5km – 19:55mins (3’55″/km)
11. Nixon Ganduri – 5,05km – 24:44 mins (4’54″/km)
12. Hazel Chimhandamba – 5,07km – 30:18 mins (5’58″/km)
13. Frank Thema – 4,73km – 39:12 mins (8’15″/km)
14. Silas Charambira – 4,92km – 55:00 mins
15. Fair Jingo – 5,86km – 38:42 mins (6’36″/km)
16. Elizabeth Sakarombe – 8,45km

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