Brawlers and Brawlettes pacesetters combine strength and flexibility in the game of fitness

By Mitchell Kavhai

As the restrictive Covid-19 imposed lockdown eases its limitations towards free sporting into the month of June 2020

Despite the onset of the chilly weather, the brawlers have kept the commitment to soldier on with one goal only; to keep fit and beat the normal odds.

With the Covid-19 lockdown now set to move into level 3 as of the 1st of June 2020, athletes are most likely to see more outdoor training hours extended to meet their fitness goals.


With male dominated extreme endurance runs having prevailed in the past, the Brawlettes have put on challenges that cannot go unstated. Outstanding performers like Wendy Chiringa, have displayed enthusiasm to persistently do better, posting improvements in her daily jogging sessions.
Whilst it is quite challenging to maintain paces, it has been great inspiration for other brawlettes that may also be keen to match or surpass these strides. The more Wendy shares, the more exciting the challenges become in the Brawlers/Brawlettes camp.
If the enthusiasm is maintained, we may see the Anos Machinjike 10km Challenge benchmark soon facing stiff competition from the fast encroaching Brawlettes.

Indoor market

The Brawlers’ WhatsApp social media fitness platform continues to be graced with more interesting developments. This edition caught up with Dr. Taurai Chipanaunga on the trade mill.
For over 36 months, Dr. Chipanaunga has achieved covering times of up to 90 minutes, being his longest run during committed workouts. He echoes his favourite times for the trade mill to be early mornings, stating that is helps him in preparing for his day, exercising in different workouts.

He blames his hunger for the trade mill on its ability to provide multiple workouts which include walks, fat burners and cardio exercises, again making this more exciting and quite interesting.
Dr. Chipanaunga being a wellness expert himself recommends the trade mill as a great alternative to other equally effective workouts.

Declaration in inspiration

Kudakwashe Matenga, a seasonal and committed runner has decided to cut the odds and announce his need for assistance to achieve his running goals. From running gear, to moral support and personal propelling necessities, anything well-wishers can throw at him is more than welcome to go with his commitment.

Kudakwashe sees himself going beyond jogging for fitness and excitement, but also dreams of that day with a “cheers for the major shield” moment.

Fitness tip reminder

Remember to pump up your arms and take comfortable paces. This
balances your effort from your upper to lower body.
Relax your upper body instead of making it stiff. This distributes your body’s reception of strain exerted evenly, stopping you from overworking or underworking one part of the body.

Be sure to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth under light exercises. But when exercising strenuously, mouth breathing can help get oxygen to your muscles faster.
Make sure you wear the most comfortable regalia for your activity, and allow your body to comfortably absorb the workout.

The law and sports

With level 3 of the lockdown forthcoming and most likely to relax terms of outdoor appearance, the Brawlers may be set to resume the Golfing events to re-join the current exciting fitness challenges. As the games continue, be sure to maintain social distancing for all round safety and keeping sport fun.

Achiever of the week award

This week’s highlight goes to the great performance by Loveness Chibikira who ran a distance of 10.03 km in 1:08:22. It doesn’t really matter the distance covered, and in which time period, it is getting the job done without noticing it. Mysteriously, she sees herself as an amateur runner, not realising such great inspirational work at hand. Well done and congratulations to you.
Looking forward to the next exciting workout achievement coming soon.
Stay fit. Stay safe!

Mitchell Kavhai is a correspondent for Zimbabwe Digital News, covering Brawlers Fitness News. Contact him at+27 62 347 8193. @kavhai


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