Yes, I’m a virus. But I also play the guitar, and I write a column in the newspaper

By Merkury Rising


Riddle Riddle…I’m well read. I read, I’m an artist and I also play the guitar. Who am I?

This week are firing up the engines, dear compatriots. Week Ten, and we are stronger together in this newspaper.

From June 1 we are going to see schools re-opening after almost 3 months of closure due to me – Covid One.

You have to live with me and you have to accept that I am here. I believe that mine is a worldwide effect, and that at some point my effects will be discontinued – as I begin to lose my rates infection. This is indeed a giant step for humankind – a virus that talks and a virus that is not wanted.

The leader of the most powerful nation on earth, Donald Trump is adamant to carry on although he is facing alot of criticism.

This week we have seen the eruption of street protests in the US. Yes, this has nothing to do with me as a virus, but I’m a virus that keeps an interest in the news.

Now collectively known as the George Floyd protests, we have seen how the Minnesota governor has ordered full mobilisation of national guard.

This is because most people feel it is necessary to have spiritual upliftment.

But people really need socialising, and could the enemy be using the pandemic to divide the masses.
I believe in unity.

Together we stand strong.

People cannot continue to live on handouts daily.

This can’t be the new normal. No. It cannot be. NO!

The history of mankind is to be self sustainable.

Although in cases like disasters, we understand.

As we learn more about the Corona virus, it is now sinking into our minds on how to control it.

As soon as all the sections of the world are running, we are bound to win our lives back again. ATCHOOO!!!

So this is the the right time, yes to go back to work and revive the economy, and later this year school children will be writing end of year examinations. Everything that man makes always has some disastrous consequences.
Technology is good, but not always. We cannot continue to speak to our family and friends via social media platforms.

This will never be our new normal.

It’s not humane. No! Humans were not meant to be locked down. Who ever has planned it has got beef with the people with people.

The new normal will not work, and we don’t want it in its new normal. The disadvantages are many, even endless.

So we can’t wake up and sit infront of our laptops and smartphones and use that for conferencing. This is short time and therefore cannot be accepted as normal.

As we wait for vaccines from different countries, at the moment people must go back to work to earn a living.
Socialising will bring change to our communities and Soon covid 19 will be an issue of the past

As Covid One, I believe that the solution is near. So near, and yet so sad. Till next time. Sanitise, sanitise, and wear your mask.

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