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I largely credit Zim Digital News for rekindling my love for the subject of economics through its currency expert Collet “Colls” Ndlovu

By Stephen Kundiwona

Most of us can remember back then in the first grade – when the teacher would ask to the eagerly anticipating young minds what they would want to be in the future. The answers varied as the imagination of each of our inquisitive minds.

It was a question that brought a seemingly distant future much closer, be it in the policeman’s uniform or the banker’s suit and tie, the imagined future really felt like a stone’s throw away.

Now, looking back in hindsight, one can surely agree that the future we imagined back then is surely different from the present we live in now. What our young minds innocently failed (and not so innocently still fail) to understand is the constant variable of change.

Times are changing and it is rightly so to change with them. A famous statesman once said: “To refuse the idea of change is to refuse the idea of life itself.”

There is surely a need to view the world from a different perspective than previously perceived, a complete change of the status quo, if we are to survive. It is thus of much relief to see champions of change emerging like the Zim Digital Media organisation coming on stream.

The media mix

I was introduced to this different media house through the 100 Sailors platform and without hesitation I subscribed to the Friday Digital Mix weekly E-edition. These days they have switched production to the bigger Sunday market with The Sunday Express.

With the avoidance of sounding cliché, it was a truly breath of fresh air in news and story-telling.

The editors of the news in that organisation have successfully embraced the opportunities posed by this information age we live in. With a mantra “See News Differently”, the organisation has challenged our traditional view of what news is, how news comes about, and how we report and receive it.

There is plenty of news that comes from its own coffers. But the daring approach in its multi-media in that the readers are also the writers of the news.

We all differ in opinions and perspectives, and we bring our differences here, more than in any other publication. This does not divide us.
Instead it is a platform that presents a a new exploration and understand of each other, to truly walk in another man’s shoes and thus enabling us to positively build on our differences. If you seee news differently, you world-view is differently – instantly.

A different approach to the currency narrative

I largely credit Zim Digital News for rekindling my love for the subject of economics through its currency expert Collet “Colls” Ndlovu. This man is phenomenal in his knowledge.

It was him who introduced me to a simple yet plainly true epithet: “It’s the currency, Stupid!” – when he was describing and addressing the Zimbabwean economic woes.

At the time I was both baffled and somehow intrigued by such a bold utterance. Upon further study (and a weekly dose of the Zim Digital Friday Mix), I also concluded that it indeed lay in the currency.

His views on Zimbabwe adopting gold as a currency also intrigued me, I now with a strong conviction ascribe to that school of thought.

There really is a need for us as a people, as Africans to provide home based solutions to our home based problems.

Mr Ndlovu together with the Zim Digital Media organisation – I feel – are in tandem with such a vision and they really deserve to be applauded for shifting the focus towards such a paradigm shift.


We live in world, a global village rather, that dynamically changing and challenging us to sometimes question the traditional and the norm. The saddening pandemic further puts a twist to it all and truly it is now more than ever that we indeed “See news differently”.

My name is Stephen Kundiwona. I am a third year student at the University of Zimbabwe, pursuing a degree in mechanical Engineering.




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