Fitness column with Siba Guzha: Motivate yourself to the shape that you want

Once you accept that you will not reach all your fitness goals overnight – you will replace that impatience with some much-needed focus

By Siba Guzha

Certain elements in your quest for better fitness, that most people will struggle with at some point in time is learning how to motivate themselves to stick with it. Most of us become prone to falter because of the fitness myths we hear, be wise and consult fitness professionals or Doctors who are gatekeepers of the health continuum.

Hello Brawlers hope I find you well.

When you first begin to exercise, your motivation might be high as you are excited about all the positive changes that you are about to undergo. Remember, most people get motivated by other people or something extrinsically.

For example, one wants to have a body like Serena Williams…. Yes, it can happen, with the right mindset and proper goal setting. It will also work better when you are intrinsically motivated along the way which is coming from within through the joy and understanding of your desire.

You are not made of bananas

But as time passes on and results start to slow down and maybe your dream is nowhere near your expectations, that motivation may fall and derail fitness journey. After weeks, months and years, it can be quite difficult to stay on track.

However, you will find that not giving up on your fitness goals builds character and the hurdles you go through make you stronger and transform you into a better healthier individual. Take fitness as a journey, enjoy every mile of the ride not just a destination.

If you persevere through your fitness program when the going, gets tough just think of self pride. I always joke saying to my clients in the gym “just being here shows that you care and love yourself, bring out the beast in you, you are not made of bananas…. Show me the Lion heart”.

I tell you this works well. Typical example such as doing an extra set of squats or run that extra mile when your legs are screaming at you to stop… yeah, that self-pride will knock in your head not to become a failure.

Many circumstances will arise during your fitness program that will be an opportunity to prove to yourself that yes, in fact you can do this. You will become more and more proud of the strong person you are with each accomplishment.

Unscrupulous fitness gadget sellers

I am sure you agree with me that every progress you make, puts a smile on your face. It is not about results; it is about progress.

This is not a once off program, but it is a lifestyle.

We live in an impatient world which leads us to make impulsive decisions. We want what we want, and we want it now. It is a bad attitude. Based on how impatient we have become; the unscrupulous fitness gadgets sellers and self-claimed trainers will take advantage of the situation by going with the flow of our impatient situation.

For an example you go and buy 100kgs bumper weights but in fact you need a treadmill, of course they can not argue with you its business for them.

As a Personal Trainer, I would want to advise on safe and effective ways to what you desire in a good manner so that you will not be a victim of impatience.

Once you accept that you will not reach all your fitness goals overnight, you will replace that impatience with some much-needed focus. Not giving up on your fitness goals builds character by forcing you to develop the trait of patience, which leads to a true appreciation of what you have earned.

Daily Challenges

Let us face it, no matter what your dreams are, you can not lose that belly fat in a week.

Any fitness goal that is going to last and serve you well takes time to achieve. When we put time, effort, and discipline into something we so desperately desire, we tend to appreciate it much more than if it is simply handed over to us.

In winter, rainy days and dark mornings it is difficult to drag yourself to the gym, boot camps and running. Brawlers let us be honest with each other here… it’s not easy to turn down your favorite meal and dessert. Yes, it is a tough journey for sure.

During your journey to the fit life, you will come across daily challenges that test your ability to remain self-disciplined. Hop out of the bed, you can do it! Yes, you heard me right.

Motivate yourself by setting short term goals. When all you have is that long term goal at the end of the tunnel, it may seem like each individual workout really serves no purpose. It does not seem you are moving that much closer to your goal. Once the week is up, evaluate your progress and set some new goals for the week ahead.

Finally, the last thing that you can do to stay motivated with your fitness regime is to ask yourself certain questions. How do I feel after workout? Do I have confidence?

Is this the remedy for my blood pressure? All this might keep you going, to a certain extent people say it when they see change, even your clothes sizes drop.

Your smile will never go unnoticed… boom. Such a big motivation to keep you going.

Owning a sense of self-pride while practicing patience and self-discipline will give you a great personality that will help you to adhere to a fitness program to the best of your efforts.

Bring it on!

Siba Guzha is a personal trainer. Contact him at +27612497679




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