WaChikepe: When push comes to the show: Inspired by Tsitsi Dangarembga

When push comes to show my dear, there is nothing more you can do
Than to start to visualize, and embrace your destiny

By Takudzwa Chikepe

Isolation and rejection!Keep pushing_girl keep pushingRacism and wrong decisions!
Boy! Keep pushing_boy keep pushingEven if they don’t pay attention to your
Work! Girl keep pushing_girl
Keep pushingEven if they don’t know you by your
Name! Boy! Keep pushing_boy
Keep pushing

Tears rolling down your cheeks and
Thinking if your talent is a curse
Or a blessing! Girl keep
Pushing_girl keep

When you are not known! But yours is
Known! Boy! keep pushing_boy
Keep pushing

When attention is now all over you and
You even fail to give yourself time to
Remember who you really are?
Girl keep pushing_girl
Keep pushing

When you start to realize that you are
Now like a balloon! All roots cut
Out from your connectivity
Boy! Keep pushing_boy
Keep pushing

When you left hanging in the air and
You not sure if you will fall down
With the gravity or you go
With the wind! Girl
Keep pushing_
_Girl keep

When push comes to show my dear
There is nothing more you can do
Than to start to visualize and
Embrace your destiny

Because! It is
Only one day when
The push comes to shore.

“When Push Comes To Show”

VaChikepe: The Poet

#Inspired By Life of an Artist, 28 Shinning Stars and The 100 Sailors Weekly Theme_Inspired by Tsitsi Dangarembga.

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