Zimbabwe’s Ronald Matora Tisauke leads the way with Miss World Global

The idea for Miss Heritage World came about whilst he was working as a promoter for Jamaican based modelling franchise – Miss World Global International

By Wellington Kudiwa

Beauty pageants are indubitably the most imperative occasions that celebrate the beauty of women all over the world with proceedings such as the “The Big Four” – that is Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth – being the most prestigious and dominated by European and American countries.

However, it now seems Africa is steadily but surely establishing its authority in the world of beauty events, with Zimbabwe’s Ronald Matora Tisauke, leading the way as the founder of Africa’s biggest international beauty pageant, Miss World Global.

A former model himself, choreographer and trainer – Tisauke said the Miss Heritage World idea came about whilst he was working as a promoter for Jamaican based modelling franchise, Miss World Global International.

“Because of the economic hardships back home, I entered pageantry full time as a promoter working with Miss World International based in Jamaica. Together with my partner – Tare Munzara – we realised we could also run our own international beauty pageant, and also, due to the ill-treatment that we were receiving from another pageant whom I shall not disclose,” he said.

Investigating the mechanics of beauty pageants

Also, Tisauke added that the Miss Heritage World title came about in the resort town of Victoria Falls as they were busy investigating how the beauty pageant system works in order to implement the correct methods that enable establishment of a successful pageantry franchise.

“My partner and myself were in Victoria Falls carrying out a research on how the beauty pageant system works, when the light-bulb moment of our identity, Miss Heritage Global, came about. We knew our weakness quite well so we decided to capitalize on our strengths which included a few good corporate relationships and “strong heads,” he said.

Furthermore, Tisauke said that they used various mediums such as Facebook and interviews on radio – to promote their upcoming beauty pageant events despite being frequently turned down by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC).

“The key platform we used to market ourselves was Facebook and numerous radio interviews. At that time, a new television channel had been recently launched so we decided to approach the ZBC because we had noticed the had little content.”

“Furthermore, in 2013, we showed our obstinacy by being a pestilence to the ZBC until they finally gave us a television deal for the coverage of our first Miss Heritage World even. However, our excitement was short-lived as we faced copyright infringement charges, after our aggressive online marketing caught the eye of the Miss World beauty pageant who were not happy about it all,” he added.

Miss Heritage in Africa

Tisauke also said the copyright charges against them were eventually dropped by a court ruling which thereby enabling them to continue with their beauty pageant project although they continued to face skirmishes from other adversaries.

Despite all the challenges Miss Heritage Global faced, founder Tisauke, supplemented that the franchise has and is still continuing to grow by the day as it is now Africa’s biggest international beauty pageant.

Also – Tisauke added that the Miss Heritage Global Headquarters are now based in South Africa as well as six editions having already taken place across African countries such as Ghana and South Africa.

We have now held six editions of the Miss Heritage World with the last one being held in Ghana where we hosted fifty-four delegates from all over Africa. The event was airing live on various television channels including European and Asian countries. Also, we have penciled the next edition of Miss Heritage Global in Vietnam” he said.

Ultimately Miss Heritage Global pageant is, with no doubt, growing slowly but surely as it is already a powerhouse in the sector, not forgetting the social and economic positives which include empowerment of women and the promotion of tourism as well.




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