Start-up Tag Your Ride appeals to investors to back its ride-hailing service

Popular riding hailing apps have revolutionised the public transport sector world-wide. Tag Your Ride is different

By Eddison Shumba

Tag Your Ride
is a South African made ride hailing application.

The taxi mobile app is determined to be a game changer within the riding hailing industry in South Africa and Africa at large.

Tag Your Ride founding team which comprise of black South African women and men has been enthused by modern day digital and technological innovative transformations that have made a difference today.

Popular riding hailing apps such as Uber and Bolt have revolutionised the public transport sector world-wide.

However, the advent of these ride hailing apps have brought about an outcry in the form of safety concerns in South Africa and Africa at large.

Recently, there has been many cases of attempted kidnapping in cars and hijacking that has been reported in various media news.

Tag Your Ride comes in to fill the safety gap as it comes in with a very unique, innovative and safer way to move people around.

The ride hailing app works hand in hand with an intelligent camera monitored system and as such all its vehicles are installed with cameras that are monitored 24/7 which enables monitoring of any eventualities that may arise when people are being transported from one place to another.

In case of any eventuality the company partnered with Fidelity secure drive that protect them with armed response team.

Tag Your Ride value proposition stems from its emphasis on safety of the passenger, driver and the car.

In line with the transport department proposed new bill amendments to the National land transport (NLT) Act of 2009, Tag Your Ride main priorities are enabling safety, enabling social emancipation, creating employment and reducing road carnages.

To date, Tag Your Ride has managed to raise a seed funding of R500 000 from Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) which enabled the development of its App and pilot testing in Durban.

Today it stands to appeal for funding to launch its operation.

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