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Munya Milimo

A voice not to be missed when he is on radio: ZiFM presenter Munya Milimo

Talking to an invisible audience is easy, but presenting a radio programme takes a lot more


By Royce Mapaike

TALKING to an unseen audience can be easy and anyone with a voice can do that. But presenting a radio programme is not just talking and is more difficult. This because you have to know what to say, when to say it and how to say it, what with a lot of people finding it hard to speak into a microphone.

One man who has perfected the art of presenting is ZiFM radio presenter Munyaradzi Milimo.

He has the voice, he is easy going, confident, eloquent and just fabulous. He makes listening to the radio a not-to-be-missed thing whenever he is in the studio.

He can easily get people pull their chairs or up the volume on their radios as he delivers his programmes.

He has already made a name for himself as a journalist, voice-over artist and enterprenuer who captures the attention of many through his radio programmes which cover social issues, health matters and youth-focused discussions.

Milimo is a man on the go — even the sky will not limit him.

Under the spotlight

He has managed with so much ease to endear himself to the audience and his never-say-die spirit is probably the reason why he is also thriving as someone who has become a new favourite as an emcee at various functions. As if all this is not enough, he is also an entrepreneur who runs a media consultancy company.

AVID listeners of various radio stations all over Zimbabwe idolise and revere the young crop of presenters that have since emerged and have been under the spotlight since the mid-2000s.

For many, the likes of Lady K, KGV, Phathisani and Kim Sibanda just to mention a few are a formidable force to reckon with

He joined ZiFM radio station in 2015 to 2018. But before that the veteran broadcaster,started his journey back in 1999 with Radio 3 the then Power fm.

2012 Milimo was with Star fm as their music manager,when he moved from Power fm.

One of urban radio’s most distinctive voices, Munyaradzi Milimo, is back on the airwaves after recently rejoining ZiFM Stereo, Zimbabwe’s first privately-owned radio station.

Naturally equipped with journalistic skills, with an infectious voice, the famous Club Mc has had a successful career in his favourite field which he joined in Kenya’s Capital FM and scoring a couple of presenting gigs at several shows.

Milimo who left the station two years ago to pursue other interests, said he had indeed rejoined the station and admitted that he had missed the microphone.

Rejoining ZiFM

“It feels like home. The mic was turned on and it felt like I never left,” he said.

After leaving the station in December 2018, Milimo relived his first reaction when he got the call from Newlands to rejoin the station.

He said the decision to rejoin the station was an easy one as he understands the station’s DNA something he says is embedded in his spirit. “It only made sense to me. No waykward new job stress,” he said with enthusiasm.

Commenting on the news of his return, DJ Munya guaranteed the station’s listeners of good times.

“ I’m excited to be part of the crew that kicked off ZiFM Stereo. It’s always a party with me and I’m sure the listeners will enjoy my unique edge.”

Milimo possesses the most articulate voice on radio today. His resonant communication style, characterised by his distinctive vocal tone especially when he pronounces his name, made him an instant darling on the radio.

Quizzed why he left the station initially, Milimo said it was for his growth.

“I left because it’s always important to know your limitations as a person. When you feel some type of way about something or even just life, in general, it’s ok to take a step back and recalibrate.

“I did that and I believe it was the best thing at the time. It helped me preserve my relationship with the station and also helped me grow personally. “I have opened the doors to several of my dreams over the past few months.

The radio presenter added that his inspiration comes from many different sources, including people he interacts with on a daily basis,especially his children, Aysia 16, Munya Jnr Grade 4, Zuva  Azariah Grade 3, and Mukundi Grade 1.

This article was published by The Sunday Express and Exquisite Entertainment

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