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29 May 2019: Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng spoke to Sunday Times Political Reporter Qaanitah Hunter from this office at Constitution Hill. He spoke about how he likes to spend his free time and shared his thoughts on how the Judicial system could be transformed to benefit ordinary South Africans. Picture: Sebabatso Mosamo/Sunday Times

Chapter 2: And then Prophet Richard Gray said to Mogoeng Mogoeng: You shall be The Chief Justice of South Africa

At the time of writing this manuscript Justice Mogoeng has been in office for eight years as he was sworn into office in September 2011.

Br Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa

Now let me elaborate a bit more on my friend Prophet Richard Gray. As an accomplished Prophet he has travelled the nations of the world speaking the heart of the Lord to the people. He has written a brilliant book that I was privileged to publish titled Your Prophetic Release. In it he tables the function and operation of the Prophetic Ministry, but what I want us to take note of is a special story of a man whose voice has impacted South Africa and Africa.

Richard Gray was invited to minister in a church in Mafikeng, South Africa. As a guest he was assigned a driver who happened to be a High Court Judge.

He was not aware of this until he asked and was surprised that the church would appoint a High Court Judge to be his driver. To observe protocol he did not engage in conversations with the driver and The Prophetic Word the driver was also courteous not to disturb the guest he was assigned to drive.

You shall be Chief Justice

On the second day as they drove to the meeting the spirit of the Lord began to move on the prophet and he asked a question “What is the highest level you can attain in your career as a Judge?”

The driver responded, “The highest level is to be a Chief Justice”. Then the Word of the Lord came saying, “You shall be the next Chief Justice of South Africa”. The driver waved it off in unbelief as if to say, “that is not possible, do you know what it takes to become a Chief Justice?”

Well God never consults the circumstances to determine what He wants to do. In spite of the circumstances His will must come to pass, all He is looking for are people that will believe the Lord and be established in the Word and believe His prophets so they can prosper.

The driver who turned to be SA’s Chief Justice

The Judge did not believe the prophecy at first. It was a word that he carried in his mind until eight years later when the appointment happened and he remembered the Prophet that had spoken the Word of the Lord when all seemed impossible.

That Judge happens to be Chief Justice Mogoeng Thomas Reetsang Mogoeng.

At the time of writing this manuscript he has been in office for eight years as he was sworn into office in September 2011. The story shows us how God will position the right person at the right time regardless of the opposition and resistance that may come.

In his own words Chief Justice Mogoeng has spoken of the resistance that he faced from different groups that did not want a man of God in the most powerful office in the country. Satan did not want a man of prayer becoming a gatekeeper of the judiciary of South Africa, as this was Satan’s entry point into Africa.

Cecil John Rhodes

Satan knew from as far back as the time of the scramble for Africa that South Africa was strategically positioned as a gateway to Africa, as seen in the vision of Cecil John Rhodes to build a railroad from Cape to Cairo.

This would have established powerful trade routes across the continent and it would have established the authority of the oppressive colonial rulers as masters of the economies of Africa. This is what God is unravelling in this season.
As a backstory I found the Chief Justice’s testimony intriguing. In an interview on Faith Broadcasting Network in 2020, he mentioned that his transition into this position required him to make a solid decision to serve God exclusively.

As a High Court Judge there was always pressure to visit witch doctors and consult them in relation to what would happen in the future.
He was a believer of sorts and went to church but also consulted witch doctors, as this is a common practice amongst those in the seats of power.

On one of these visits his witch doctor told him, “If I die and you are not able to come and consult me, I want you to find a Pastor and start serving God.”

This was a surprise to him because in many conversations he had heard the witch doctor mention that Christians were weak and powerless, so he asked the witch doctor what this meant and why he would want him to serve Jesus. The answer was one of the most amazing things he heard.

A Pastor and a Good Church

He said: “Only those Christians that compromise are weak, the ones that serve God are powerful, so I do not want you to serve satan any more you must find a church”
True to his word the witch doctor passed on a little while later. Judge Mogoeng searched for another witch doctor and was referred to one who was supposedly really powerful.

As he made plans to consult this particular witch doctor, the witch doctor died, so he sought another and something happened that stopped the meeting and on the third attempt he remembered the words of the first witch doctor.
He decided to find a Pastor and a good church. When he got planted the Lord began to accelerate his rise to being the gatekeeper of the Judiciary of South Africa.

When that was established he was appointed the gatekeeper of the Judiciary of Africa through becoming the Chairperson for the gathering of Chief Justices for Africa. In this story you see the amazing working of God. Here is a man that God was setting up to bless the nations.

To make this happen he sent a Prophet to Mafikeng in the North West Province of South Africa. This encounter planted a seed that took eight years to mature and produce fruit.

Could it be that the Lord has not forgotten the prophetic word that was spoken over your life many years ago? Could it be that He has been waiting for you to believe it and start walking in it? Could it be that you were born for such a time as this?
Your set time to arise and shine and change your country or continent is now.

This prophetic word I have put at the front of the book is a wake up call to those that have prophetic words written in a journal somewhere, that it is time to pull it out and begin to pray it through.

The demons that have been assigned to frustrate you will be silenced. You will not be stopped because the set time has come.

Next week: Chapter Three: Be Willing to Face Contradiction

Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa is a prolific author whose voice has gone across Africa speaking on economic empowerment and financial freedom. We have created this website to give you easy access to his resources and message. We desire to partner with you in changing Africa and eradicating poverty. We seek to add value to the work that has already been done on the ground by other like-minded organisations. Birthing A Mega Economy is a prophetic word that was given to Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa on the way forward for Africa and her people. In the book Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa tables a process by which we can eliminate poverty in the next 50 years. He shows how that it is not only a great vision, but it is in God’s agenda.

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