Economic Freedom Fighters Zimbabwe promise fresh ideas in opposition politics

Innocent Ndibali the EFF Zimbabwe Commander in Chief (President) is offering the people of Zimbabwe a newer opposition path set to radically transform the country

By Tulani Ngwenya

Socialist movement – the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Zimbabwe – is headquartered in Zimbabwe and is a free-standing subsidiary of the South African Economic Freedom Fighters.

The EFF has set their targets on uniting the continent as the party plans to spread their message across Africa.
The first country on their list is Zimbabwe.

The subsidiary of the EFF in Zimbabwe is led by Innocent Ndibali who is also the current President of the political party.

“EFF Zimbabwe fighters are largely fire brand, educated, radical change makers motivated by the party’s socialist philosophy and policies to set in motion the revolution to emancipate the people from poverty. We are on a mission to liberate the nation, ultimately leading it towards a path of prosperity and inclusivity,” said Ndibali.

In December 2019 – in a speech at the EFF South Africa Elective Conference, SA EFF President Julius Malema encouraged unity amongst former ministers in the late Robert Mugabe’s government.

This was in unity of opposition with the EFF Zimbabwe to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government.

Even after the death of Mugabe former minister Patrick Zhuwao – who was once in the late Robert Mugabe government – was on the podium with another former Minister Saviour Kasukuwere at the memorial for Mugabe with EFF SA leaders.

Ndibali said this week: “We assert that the political independence which Zimbabwe attained in 1980 is not complete, the struggle continues until we totally free our people from bondage and also once black people have attained economic freedom,” he said.

He added: “The EFF Zimbabwe has critically mapped out a philosophy and ideology offering our mass movement of democrats who seek a radical transformation, through engaging in strategic policies designed to economically empower Zimbabweans as a prerequisite to any change.”

EFF Zimbabwe’s policies on land ownership centre on reviving the economy and rebuilding healthcare infrastructure among other key areas of economic transformation.

The opposition political party works with the poor and oppressed to demand change and transformation in Zimbabwe. The party’s membership is growing.

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