Wendy Chiringa sets Brawlettes Fitness Community on fire with blistering pace at road running

Brawlette Wendy Chiringa this week spoke to Zimbabwe Digital News about her faith in running, running safety tips, the meaning of lockdown, and the exercise highlights among the Brawlettes

1. How are you keeping fit during Covid? What are the challenges that this flu has caused you

I have basically gone back to my basic all time favourite running. I started running about a decade ago and been in and out of gym but running is the best for me. Since the Covid-19 lockdown started, I have had challenges of not being able to exercise freely in the beginning due to the curfew imposed on the lockdown measure but it has since improved now.

2. Are you more a weights person or outdoor person? How

I am definitely an outdoor person, I find more joy in running and walking. I also like early morning workouts were there is free clean air. I can run anyday with no problem. Weights I do occasionally just to strengthen my back and core but it’s not my favourite.

3. How is Covid affecting people, generally? Your own answer

Covid-19 has hit home hard. Many people have lost their primary means of income. So to even try think of exercising for many is a challenge while they think of putting food on the table

4. Running with a mask? How do you feel about it?

It is recommended. I do struggle running with the mask on. I will be needing more oxygen as I run and having the mask on blocks the airway and makes it very difficult to breathe. It affects my speed and concentration level on the road

5. Exercising in the current season (winter)? The difficulties.

Just the first few days of winter getting used to the drop in temperatures is difficult. And also just getting out of bed for many that’s a huge challenge. On days that the weather is more harsh like rainy and windy, we can always do some indoor activities.

6. Comment about Brawlers monthly fitness challenges? Who stands out for you? Why.

The challenges are something to look forward to. Brawlettes stand out for me. We giving Brawlers a good good competition.

7. Road running safety issues. What every runner should know.

Always run facing oncoming traffic. Wear reflective clothing. Earphones are a big NO for me, I like to be aware of my surroundings as I run.

8. Social distancing versus running in teams?

It becomes tricky to practice social distancing once you run in teams. Teams move together in a group. Most teams I have seen running they maintain the same pace to be together so the social distancing aspect becomes difficult to keep in check.

9. Comment about local / international marathon season disruption due to Covid etc

We can say it’s a disruption but it’s worth the wait. We can always pick up when things get better, hopefully we all come back fitter, stronger and healthier.

10. Running where other runners have just run past, given the airborne nature of the disease?

I run with faith that I will finish the run still okay. Every single step I take outside is a risk but I still need my body to be healthy and fit in any chance of infection.

11. Are you a team runner / cyclist or you are solitary athlete etc

I am a sole runner. It give me full concentration on every run.

12. Any other comments

Keep moving every step counts.

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