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Watch the area around your abdomen. You win or lose fitness from your belly

Always choose exercises that bring you to muscle fatigue within 10-15 repetitions (for endurance) 2-3 times per week. Treat the abdominal musculature just like any other major muscle group


By Siba Guzha


The abdominals are the most targeted area in the world of health and fitness. It is one of the most important parts of the core. This is undisputed …I agree. Do you agree?… Almost any individual that starts to exercise wants to get rid of the “belly” and it always seems to be an uphill task.

It takes a lot to sculpt your tummy if that is your desire you should be ready to take up everything that comes with it.

This is not a kick and go, it is a human science, it is a total package. Take every step patiently because spot reduction does not work.

I always say “if you stay focused and committed to the right exercises you can play your guitar on the tummy, one pack has no place”.

The hard fact is this: you have to work for it; not just work, but hard. Hello Brawlers, workout to your “six-pack”. It is not produced, it is developed.

In reality, most abdominal-exercisers are seeking to lose body fat in the abdominal area.

To accomplish this, many factors need to be put into place. Great-looking middle sections are developed from combining cardiovascular exercise several times per week to shed off the unwanted body fat, torso strengthening exercises, and eating foods low in fat and calories while paying attention to the portions sizes and amounts.

Erectus abdominis

After all, most weight gain occurs from eating too much and exercising too little. Like I always say “check your caloric intake graph versus your caloric expenditure graph”.

Besides, it is not uncommon to see abdominal exercises performed daily.

Usually, a few sets of many repetitions are utilized to enhance the core’s endurance and assist the muscles with one of their main functions within the body.

Torso muscles are used as stabilizers, which facilitate many other movements our bodies perform.
Because of this, they require much endurance to support the spine, enhance lower back functioning, and accommodate our many activities. Although endurance is important, strengthening these muscles is equally important.

A complete abdominal training program should consist of exercises that work the three areas that make up the abdominal wall.

The rectus abdominis is the long sheath of muscle that produces forward flexion of the spine and has a washboard appearance in well-developed bodies.

Some of the exercises specifically for erectus abdominis are forearm plank, diagonal and reverse crunch.

Transversus abdominis

The external and internal oblique, which are two separate muscle groups, are responsible for flexion, rotation, and lateral (side) flexion of the spine.

They come out when you do exercise such as bicycle crunch, side plank and Russian twist. The deepest of the three areas is the transversus abdominis.

Its job is to help expel air out of the lungs and keep the abdomen flat. Each area is essential to good abdominal integrity and health.
Exercises such as sit-ups, quadruped lifts and leg raises are perfect for these lower abdominals.

Once the abdominals are strengthened it helps and protects the lower back which is your centre of gravity (C.O.D) when you perform most of the exercises and also in the activities of daily living.

On a joking note; “I have noticed most clients I train especially on their first days always shake heads off in agony when doing crunches… , but after they get desired results they start swaying the body as they walk (enjoying the fruits of hard work)”.

Riddle of your bodyweight

By getting rid of the tummy, the body increases reflex and builds confidence in individuals. In some cases even the step will change subconsciously, it happens automatically.

Always choose exercises that bring you to muscle fatigue within 10-15 repetitions (for endurance) 2-3 times per week. Treat the abdominal musculature just like any other major muscle group when you strength-train it. But as a standard measure, be cautious to protect the lower back on adding external weight.

For them to appear more muscular, thicker, and “six-pack” like abdominals need to be challenged with resistance exercises. At first, just body weight may be all an individual endurance to challenge themselves, but eventually, more weight or an advanced version of the exercise will be needed for further gains.

But not as with all exercises, be sure to select ones that are appropriate for your level and experiences.

Trying to perform advanced movements too soon can not only increase your risk of injury but also leave you feeling unsuccessful in your attempts to improve.

Expensive gadgets and video programs are not always necessary to improve your abdominal fitness. Generally speaking, most individuals do just fine and are very challenged with variations of the exercises and even just bodyweight.

Nothing comes easy and nothing comes without working hard towards the goal you desire. Keeping committed will get you the results you desire and learning the right lifestyle habits will allow you to keep the weight off and your tummy flat.

Let me remind you, the one with midsection (belly) fat is more at high risk than the one with fat on other areas of the body (especially lower extremity). You can do it. It begins with you.

Bring it on!

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