Julius Malema says we are a bunch of cowards. Are Zimbabweans peace loving, or just timid?

The Zimbabwe constitution has become a tool for changing goal posts as and when they desire

By Darlington Chiuta


It is said that total darkness is just before dawn and one wonders how long Zimbabwe’s darkness can be and how far the dawn is. If we were to take the biblical Exodus are the Zimbabweans in the desert yet or they are still in the land of the Pharaohs?

The reports of all that happens would suggest that people have been stretched to the limits by virtually everything and worldwide Zimbabweans seem to literally have the highest level of elasticity and tolerance that is if it is not timidity.


Zimbabweans literally have all that is needed for a country to flourish. The minerals, agricultural weather next to none, the human resource with extreme innovation, hard work as coupled with a worldwide superior education of which at its worst it still reigns supreme in all the parts of the world.

I really would want to learn of one country where you do not have Zimbabweans across the whole economic spectrum. What therefore do we lack and what will it take to awaken this sleeping giant? Or is it a giant?

The Ruling Party

I really would challenge a lot who think and say that the ruling party lacks policies or support. If someone were to take over the policies of the ruling party like the command agriculture and the resuscitation of the local currency and implement them by the book Zimbabwe would be turned around overnight but unfortunately, ZANU-PF lacks one fundamental for success – implementation.

They play all the basics right only to exploit the results for personal gain. All sectors pivotal to growth are looted with impunity. We have immeasurable gold reserves that a guy with just a korokoza will mine, tobacco and maize farmers that perform wonders on the soil and all other sectors but their hearts are broken where it matters, at the fruit of their labour.

They work and others simply loot thus crippling them both at production and soul level.

The constitution has become a tool for changing goal posts as and when they desire. Our constitution is probably the most amended constitution in the whole world with current efforts to amend it right in the middle of lockdown just to keep power.

In terms of support the ruling party starves the vulnerable then gives them crumbs which barely accords one basic decency and if they cannot get the support voluntarily they will coerce using state resources.

The young turks that have no eyes on power but to amass as much wealth by selling their souls to the devil will cast their vote on the devil to keep the supply line open. Who would go to municipality to ask them to come and close a tap that supplies fresh milk into their home?

People should however know that ZANU-PF is not about the people at the helm but a system built over decades. There can be no good people in charge of a bad system, ask the former good guys who joined ZANU-PF. You simply can’t be good in ZANU-PF. ZANU-PF cannot and will not be changed from within.


There is only one statement/slogan from ZAPU which sums up the state of opposition in Zimbabwe – ‘lafa elihle’ we probably should just pluralize and say ‘afa amahle’. There is no opposition in Zimbabwe, most have joined ZANU PF and most are ZANU PF projects.

This is evident in the schoolboy blunders they make that are reminiscent of conspiracy and how they fall short when it matters most.

People do not vote the opposition because they love it but they do not like the current status quo. Joe Biden might win not because people love him but people are fed up of Donald Trump. The crop is ready but there are no harvesters. The oppositions are more about their leaders than parties of which the leaders are nothing but show horses.

ZANU PF has a simple strategy, they pull the strings in such a way that no opposition has enough votes to unseat them.

They create a fictional opposition which they will give the votes of the opposition to deny outright victory. Professors Author Mutambara and Welshman Ncube are beneficiaries to that they can tell us more.

Lastly, we have recycled masqueraders like Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube who are much more about reviving their dead political careers and harbor presidential ambitions at the helm of opposition. They are not cornerstones but huge liabilities.

With the two as his lieutenants Nelson Chamisa is doomed and has lost the race before it even starts.
There are however good guys trying to conjure up some salvaging but their efforts are feeble in a thoroughly tested ZANU PF system and a glittering show horse like the MDC so they are just like puppies yapping at a passing ZUPCO bus.

Albeit all are led by very learned guys who for some reason do not understand the principle of “united we stand and divided we fall”.

How much will be enough?

Of all the people around the world, the Malawians are some of the sweetest and peaceful people but they fought hard to reverse a stolen will of the people.

Malawi’s opposition alliance claimed victory for its candidate Lazarus Chakwera on Thursday in a re-run of the 2019 presidential election, annulled by courts because of fraud.

The vote on Tuesday came to be regarded as a test of the ability of African courts to fight ballot fraud since Malawi’s judiciary infuriated President Peter Mutharika in February by overturning the result of last year’s vote.

With all their (reported) education Zimbabweans should be the best people to analyse their situation of which they do and end there. The corruption does not need investigation, the robbery by the state is daily bread.

The catch and release corruption watch, the list is endless. I am talking of a country where not only the money was looted, even the currency was looted until there was no more national currency!

Even the newly introduced is just one of the looting machines which hit streets before it was released.

In South Africa just school children will mount a formidable fight not forgetting the taxi industry, our whole taxi industry was literally erased and they vented a few sentiments on social media and ended there. Just what would it take to make Zimbabweans angry enough? Julius Malema says we are a bunch of cowards.

Darlington Chiuta is a businessman. He writes for Zimbabwe Digital News in his personal capacity


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