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Brawlers TV sets out to unite people through music, arts, culture, sports and news

The aim is to bring people together during this difficult time of lockdown, and to unite people through arts and entertainment

By Courage Sithole

The Brawlers TV launched to much excitement on Facebook this week, and promised to dish out more music, sports and news to its multitudes of followers.

The idea was birthed out of the bigger Brawlers In Business expansion into the Arts and Culture space. A way to appreciate and promote the diversity inherent talent within the Brawlers community.

Broadcasts for now will run on 30-min intervals per DJ to accommodate a plethora of DJs and their genres on our Facebook Brawlers TV page broadcasts.

In an approximate two hour session the DJs will play local, regional and international music to cater for a diverse audience that subscribe to our Facebook page – and those that are following in other channels.

This is a great initiative aimed at promoting talent, bringing some great entertainment to the public during lockdown and above all bringing people together through arts and entertainment.

The television station is an independent initiative within the Brawlers Community and our followers.

This week the station started with DJ 4TuneSoul headlining the first class acts – followed closely by DJ Noxx. And also we had DJ ChiChi and DJ Dee Nice.

The programming on Brawlers TV has started off on a music programme offering, with June 26 having hosted Friday Powerplay with DJ Kaymack, and then June 27 (as I write this) running Old Skul Jams with DJ Khanyi.

But the big show that has got everyone talking this weekend is the emergence of Tichafa Matambanadzo on the Zim Radio scene and to bring some magic to Brawlers TV.

The legendary DJ will come on the Old School Showdown on June 28 between 5pm to 7pm on what we have now been named the Legendary Sundays.

Tich Mataz (The Midas Touch) will be on the decks with KayCee Gigmaster (The Godfather) in what is now viewed as a serious statement of intent by the Brawlers to promote and publish Zimbabwean broadcasting to new levels.

Zimbabwe Digital News and Sunday Express will run regular schedules, show updates and profiles of some of Arts and Culture talents upcoming in our Brawlers Community. Stay intune, stay in touch.







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