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DJ Profile: DJ 4TuneSoul: Behind the scenes with Brawlers TV Masters of the Music

I was labelled the RNB DJ 4tunesoul because I am a soul sophistocrat. I love the core of the music and this is reflected in all my sets


By Courage Sithole


This week, meet … DJ 4TuneSoul, The Soul Sophistocrat


Born: Fortune Shingai Sekete

Early days: Started playing 1997 with crew called Boogie Down Famlee at Archipelago Harare doing afternoon sessions. Played at Archipelago, Circus, Stars, Mambo, Room 10, Platinum Lounge, Windermere, Hustlers, Visions and a few others.

But these were the real places where my talents were perfected.

Moved to Johannesburg in 2008 and got a slot to play at Moloko (Hush), then Taboo, Zar, Soul Lounge, The Venue. I am the current resident DJ at Cubana.

Was the opening DJ for Donell Jones Johannesburg tour on 31 July 2015.

Juggling between sessions for Singleton and High Society.

In your own words: I was given the label the RNB DJ 4TuneSoul because I am a soul sophistocrat. I love the core of the music and this is reflected in my sets on deck. I am a true guardian of soul of music, and for me the satisfaction comes out of taking you down memory lane with great selections of old and new soulful grooves .

As 4TuneSoul I also infuse different genres of music and there is a lot of excitement in my approach that goes into creating the ultimate dance experience.

Thoughts on Zim industry:
With the talent we have both artistic and administrative we are very far off from where we supposed to be. We lack corporate support, and there is a lot of politicising of the arts plus the struggling economy has negatively affected this industry.

How to grow Brawlers TV:
By showcasing international level talent and introducing a different dimension of the programming. Most content on TV is made according to a target geographic isolating other area. For instance most DJs on Channel O/MTV base are either South African or Nigerian. We want to go beyond that on Brawlers TV.

Favourite of things:
Music, Music, Music.

What people don’t know about you:
My family comes first.

Thoughts On Covid-19:

No unnecessary travelling no matter the stag. Be nice to people and check on friends and family. The impact this has done on people mentally and financially is truly beyond measure. I am overwhelmed personally. This is bad for everybody.

Your thoughts On Sha Sha:
I think she represents the hardwork and talent Zimbabwe has to offer. And she has clearly shown what we can achieve with the right platform and support.

Your Dawgs in the industry. Izinja Ze Game…:
I was groomed by the best in the business and I learn from every DJ or artist I play with. My journey wouldn’t be – without the late Charlieboy aka Charlie Fresh (Boogiedown Famlee) and my big brothers Dee Nice the Don, Kaycee The Gigmaster, Tich The Midas Mataz. And the guy Tymon Mkhize of Big T Production who managed me. Thanks for the intro Richard Pilani Dube.

Parting shot
Touch the music at Brawlers TV.








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