Advertorial: Tanema Contractors transforms its operation by joining the formal sector

We continue to grow and we now offer services such as, brick laying, painting, pavings, plumbing, tilling and renovation work

By Tanema Contractors

Zimbabwe’s construction industry is one characterised by leaps and bounds. In the past decade, contractors have had to endure the economic pressures that are being felt in other sectors.

Many have been forced to scale down operations and some have been forced to shut down.

A number of the small to medium enterprises have had to compete with established companies and a few of the surviving success stories can hardly relate to the formalised way of co-ordinating themselves and have their business registered and staying afloat.

Only a few are able to compete for tenders, and have the capacity to mobilise funds for investment.

National Development Plan – and a good story worth repeating

Most of these construction companies have resorted to operating informally and this has hampered the growth of the sector.

Driven by the desire to improve the operation of these entities – in 2019 the government of Zimbabwe in its blueprint framework dubbed the National Development Plan initiated relaxation policies with regards to regularisation and formalisation of the small scale construction entities.

This initiative was expected to see infrastructure investment grow by 4.3 %.

However many small scale contractors are still skeptical about the initiative due to the burden associated with formalisation requirements such as acquiring tax clearance and registering with regulatory authorities such as NASSA.

Many have resorted to operating informally. However for some SMEs like Tanema Contractors, it is a different story.

The company took advantage of the government initiative and had its operation formalised.

Having endured the misfortune of losing out on major contracts due to many irregularities – its founders took a leap of faith and had their business registered.

Today the company has had to compete with some big companies to deliver world class projects.

Coming from a humble background, the company has grown from offering face lifting renovations services in the high density suburbs of Harare – to constructing double-storey and luxury houses in the upper end of the market.

Like any other emerging enterprise – the biggest hurdle for Tanema Contractors was breaking the ground. The company had too compete with seasoned players that hold years of experience with a proven track record of successful delivery.

To compete with these big players – the company had to initiate a business plan which gave a clear road map that contained a myriad of strategies on how the young company was to grow to become a major player in the sector.


One such such strategy was its package that saw it render its services to low and middle income earners at a very affordable rate.

This model proved to be the most effective to reach out to the isolated markets not serviced by the big players. This has also made the business to unlock not only cash capital but rather finding markets.

The strategy has seen the business grow from a mire construction unit to becoming a fully fledged company that excels in providing construction solutions in all the sectors of the economy. This has cemented it’s position as the construction company of choice.

The company continue to grow and to date it offer a wide a range range of services such as, brick laying, painting, pavings, plumbing, tilling and renovation work.

In line with its future vision, the company has since upgraded its equipment and technologies to compete with the changing trends in the market.

Therefore it is looking forward to rendering construction services with new and updated features. Tanema Contractors continue to grow steadily and is looking forward to expanding its network to other parts of the country.

Already the business has successfully completed projects in the southern parts of Zimbabwe.

The company is well positioned to become the leading construction company. It has been been able to source the best hands to oversee it’s projects.

The business pride itself of young executives who are skilled and and a large pool of highly motivated artisans who are committed to achieve a world class business.

To service its market, the company continues to implement robust business strategies in place that see it employ best practices when it comes to delivering world class construction services.

This company has set the tone for other emerging companies.

It has proved beyond reasonable doubt that with proper co-ordination and regularisation it is possible for any young enterprise to thrive in a sector dominated by big companies.

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