The future of Africa’s agriculture rests with the youth of the continent: Afrostain Farmtech

As Afrostain Farmtech, word has reached out to Zimbabwe – and we are awaiting a signal to implement the future

By Wenceslous Nyamupfukudza


Africa is in the height of a crisis and an opportunity. Africa’s population stands at 1,2 billion people and over 60% are below the age of 25.

Yet most African youths are not employed, and according to the World Bank by 2035, 350 million new jobs will be needed.

Africa’s population is growing faster than jobs are created.

It turns out to be true that Zimbabwe is in the right path to food surplus with the Young men and Women Taking Agribusiness with a BANG.

This week I got the priviledge of being the guest speaker on the Kurima Fields Inaugural Capacity building Workshop in Bindura and I can openly admit that the word has reached out.

We are waiting for the signal and will implement!

Agricultural technologies should be tailored to optimize opportunities for young people — particularly rural young people — to maximize their on-farm activities and facilitate their entry into off-farm activities.

To date, young people need a resourced space where they can share ideas and access mentorship.

Young people have unaddressed gaps in the skills required to operate agricultural technologies.

Both adopters and innovators are constrained by inadequate accessible financial products to invest specifically in agricultural technologies — with respect to both ideation and uptake.

From the above findings it is clear that a number of solutions hinge on the holistic approach by various stakeholders. The following recommendations are made:

To the government

Invest in agricultural innovation hubs and incubation centres and these centres should

☑️ Provide access to online and offline resources
☑️ Act as the access point for innovators to build skills and use tools

☑️ Are staffed with trained experts to offer technical support and motivate innovators, and
☑️ Offer connections for innovators to idea-share


To the promoters

☑️ Promote agricultural technologies through targeted, audience-specific channels

☑️ Work with local ambassadors to promote the innovations

☑️ Identify requisite wraparound skills and provide training

☑️ Address negative perceptions about young women’s abilities.

To the financial institutions and funders

☑️ To build seed capital products and competitive incubation grants

☑️ To familiarize youth resource mobilization strategies and let creative solutions modelled by youth drive new approaches to financing

With all these in place, I have no doubt In my mind that we are in the correct path to addressing SDGs and simultaneously doing justice to our generations

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