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Kennedy Mandaza is Zanu-PF spokesman in South Africa. Photo: Jonisayi Maromo/ANA.

Zimbabwe needs champions – not demonstrations and hashtag revolutions by those living in ivory towers

As Zimbabweans, we are masters of our own destiny


By Kennedy Mandaza

As the roller coaster ride that is the Covid-19 pandemic and economic and political challenges continue in Zimbabwe – there are signs of hope from the incredible roles that some individuals, corporates and government are playing in keeping Zimbabwe functioning.

Amidst our own fears and uncertainties coupled with our personal and individual realities as well as the threats of various negative hashtags – people of the world and Zimbabweans in particular are being challenged to accept a new normal in the way we do things.

The acceptance of this new normal is not a sign of weakness but an admission of the realities and challenges that confront Zimbabwe and the world.

Today Zimbabwe is confronted by the Covid-19 pandemic which is a global disaster, and the illegal sanctions which have accounted greatly to the deterioration of the country’s economy.

Challenges posed by our nationalities

Coupled to this pandemic Zimbabwe is faced by unique challenges posed by its own nationalities.

These include the corruption pandemic and hashtag revolution which continue to sow seeds of alarm and despondency among Zimbabweans and dent the already battered image of Zimbabwe to the international community.

All these machinations and shenanigans are in futility because they do not have the currency of the majority of Zimbabweans who overwhelmingly voted for the current government.

Zimbabwe needs peace and unity of purpose of its citizenry regardless of their political, religious or ethnic affiliation and divergent opinion.

Never before had Zimbabweans had to display greater flexibility, greater creativity, greater humility, greater accommodation and greater determination in delivering that which they are called to do – to unite and develop Zimbabwe for posterity.

Political grandstanding, personal aggrandisement, ill conceived demonstrations, continued vilification and demonisation of one’s country and leadership through various hashtags are anathema to productivity and development.

Hashtag brigades

Despite the negativities from the hashtag brigades, Zimbabwe is performing admirably as a country given the challenges that confront the country and each one of us on a daily basis, to fight corruption, mitigate against shortages and inflation and improve the livelihoods of its citizenry.

This cannot be otherwise, as demonstrations, given that they have often turned violent and destructive and the reality of devastating effects of Covid-19 are upon the country, be done for any reason.

This would only compound and worsen the already brittle state of our ailing nation and expose participants to the vagaries of Covid-19 and nature.

Zimbabwe needs champions, not demonstrators. It needs healers not fighters. It needs men and women who can swallow their pride and put the people’s interests first.

It needs people who each and every day put their heads down and get on with the business of “getting on”, getting on to build the Zimbabwe we want for ourselves and our children.

The last thing that Zimbabwe need are those negative and critical voices who always have a plethora of things to say, often from their privileged positions, while offering nothing positive, constructive or meaningful in return.

Our destiny in our hands

Zimbabwe does not need demonstrations and hashtag revolutions often engineered by people living in ivory towers.

Zimbabwe is a jewel that only needs polishing. Sadly most of us have wondered as yet why Zimbabwe, small as it is, it makes headlines on everything in international circles.

It is time we as Zimbabweans we introspect and see what the West, the East, the North and South see in Zimbabwe, and exploit it for our present and the future.

It would be remiss of me not to say that it is time for Zimbabweans wherever they are and whatever social, political or religious affiliation they belong to, Zimbabwe’s destiny is in our hands.

Hence the mantra, we are masters of our destiny. Notwithstanding this is only achievable in peace and unity and not demonstrations.

Unlike the roller coaster ride which thankfully has an end point, the ride on which we find ourselves as Zimbabweans has no end point in sight YET, but may be just around the next bend. The choice is ours to build on what we already have or loose it and start from nowhere.

(The writer is the Spokesman of ZANU PF in South Africa. The views expressed in this document are his own views.)

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