I don’t support persecution of Zimbabweans – but I equally don’t like foreign interference

By Benjamin Hamadzehwahwa


I am writing this article as a leader of a movement which is pro-truth and pro-justice. As far as the internal affairs of Zimbabwe is concerned I believe that the Americans are intruding too much in our affairs.

I believe the problems we are having today are not Zimbabwe manifested but American manifested because the way the Americans are obsessed in Zimbabwe internal issues proves there is something evil they are advocating for.

If Zimbabwean authority have problems with the people of Zimbabwe let us Zimbabweans solve that – not Americans.

We have ZANU-PF which we are accusing of looting and corruption – but it’s not the duty of Americans to seek clarity on Zimbabwean authorities if they pick anyone within Zimbabwean community.

I was shocked on how Americans responded through their embassy looking for clarification of the arrest of a Zimbabwean citizen which should have been done by Zimbabweans to seek that clarity.

In less than 20 minutes before the authorities pick up the journalists the Americans through their embassy was already requesting why the police picked him up.

As Zimbabweans do we have to first place an application to the Americans for the police to arrest its citizen.

If they was something wrong with the arrest i don’t think Americans through their embassy have moral rights to question or condemn the arrest before even charges are placed.

It puzzles me as a patriotic citizen who strongly believes that we have problems but it’s now beyond doubt that Americans have a hand in our agonies.

If the embassy is for diplomatic engagements why they don’t give honour of sovereignty to Zimbabwean authorities – and comment after there is something wrong done to citizens.

As I judge with no favour out of all embassies in Zimbabwe who are also Twitter subscribers why Americans act swiftly to do a follow up without even knowing the charges.

Our sovereignty

I don’t support persecution of citizens – but Americans must put their hands off our Zimbabwe.

They must give us the honour of being a sovereignty state.

They have imposed illegal sanctions and the country is not breathing and they keep on fooling the masses that it’s corruption which have destroyed our nation but not all of us will buy those lies.

Corruption and sanctions have both have destroyed Zimbabwe.

The biggest sin Zimbabwe committed against America was trying to overturn their foreign policy by spearheading black emancipation.

Today they are trying to destroy that nation so that no other African leader will talk about black emancipation using the reference of the collapse economy of Zimbabwe.

We have problems in our nation but that an internal issue leave it to Zimbabweans we will come to an understanding. Our African neighbors will intervene if the problem persist not a nation which is thousands of miles away from us.

The clear message to my fellow country man please don’t be fooled we will have another Libyan situation in Zimbabwe.

The country is ours and will regret later. Before you take few pieces of silver think of the entire nation of Zimbabwe.

I am neither ZANU-PF nor MDC but I love Zimbabwe – and I won’t keep quiet if my nation is about to be destroyed from within whilst I must defend it.

Those who share the same ideas with Zuva Rabuda Ilanga Seliphumile we People’s Movement – please you welcome.

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Hamadzehwahwa is leader of Zuva Rabuda Ilanga Seluphumile. The views expressed are his, and to do represent the editorial policy of www.zimbabwedigitalnews.com


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