Weird fashion trends make the headlines on the global news front

Everyone is trying to be unique and stand out, or be responsible for an invention, or something

By Royce Mapaike

THE fashion trends we follow every season are imitated from international runways. Fashion is global, therefore different people learn from different cultures and adapt to international fashions. Most fashion trends are an instant hit on the market, while some may be difficult to adapt to. Everyone is trying to be unique and stand out, or be responsible for an invention or something. Unfortunately some people go to the extremes. These are some of the internationally weird fashion trends;


This trend was originated in China. Sometimes new trends in the fashion world arise due to the needs of the people, as the introduction of the “facekini”. A simple way to keep away from the harmful rays of the sun is to avoid going out, or to put on a good quality sunscreen. But the residents of China found a new way to protect themselves by wearing face-kini, according to the name it is a shielding head mask worn by the beach-goers. It looks a bit crazy though.

Eye jewellery
As if coloured and designed eye contacts were not enough, people are upgrading to sticking studs in their eyes. A new technique allows small studs made from precious metals to be inserted into the eye, which were developed more than twelve years ago in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

 The Dutch claim that the procedure is perfectly harmless, while eye specialists argue that it is insane; also: potentially dangerous. But, come on, what is a little eye bleeding or risk of impaired vision when you get to wear a tiny, near-invisible heart or half-moon in your eye?

Gothic lolitas
Not to be confused with the Western meaning of the term, the Japanese “lolita” is an extremely broad fashion subculture that emphasises cute and stylish Victorian-era clothes. It’s “Gothic” sub-style, probably the most famous of the group, is in turn all about darker, gothic aesthetics which in the hands of misinformed Japanese teens basically boils down to “faux-vampire fashion as understood by a 15-year-old.” Also: “umbrellas.” As in, every other picture of a Gothic lolita on GIS shows them holding an umbrella because without one they would all apparently look silly.
Elf boots
It is a part of the Elven Outfit. These boots are long, pointy and sort of asinine looking, and were in trend in Mexico. Because of this the cowboy boots with stretched tips again came in fashion among the young generation of southern Mexico. It is kind of a trend when the male dress up to get interest of females, but at the end becomes a reason to laugh at. It is really a bombshell trend, then also can be seen in the feet of TV actors, stage showers etc.


A trend for the men that are totally into fashion “meggings”— male correspondent to leggings which is highly in trend into the lanes of Tokyo, Paris, London and New York. Initially the introduction of leggings in female fashion world was a hot button topic, and now this trend is extended for the males too. Printed meggings are very popular among the international dancers, choreographers, fashion designers and many more such cool professionals. Leggings are versatile, awesome and leopard printed leggings are amazing and so are the meggings for men.

South African metal heads
Lately Botswana has been making waves for the classic, old-school metal fashion of the leather and chains variety. It has dominated the counter-culture movement in the southern African nations. Walking down the street in big cities and small villages, the Batswana metal heads, clad in an entire cow’s worth of black leather, create a peculiar sight in the country known primarily for its wildlife parks. It’s also why many of them give themselves nicknames like Demon or Gun smoke knowing well that no one ever will have the guts to call them out on it.
Hitler chic
The city of Bangkok has been invaded by Hitler, this invasion has been in the world of fashion. Bangkok is said to be experiencing a veritable Hitler-mania, with the image of the infamous German leader appearing in cartoon form, on t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, you name it. There have gone as far as putting his face on stuffed toys for children. Foreign correspondents explain that this modern trend can mostly be chalked up to ignorance rather than underlying fascist tendencies of the young people of Thailand.

Japan keeps coming in light, while talking about some strange fashion trends. Another unusual trend is the Manba. It is a craze very common among the young girls of Japan, who normally date men who are style crazy. Manba is a little varied form of the very famous Ganguro culture which basically accentuates strong makeup and dark complexion. Girls following the Manba trend normally coat their complete face with deep and dark brown make-up, with two circular marks of white colour around their eyes and silver light coloured hair along with wishy-washy make-up and dazzling attire. Strange indeed!!

Eye tattoos
Being an intense practice, people go for eye tattooing for enhancing their appearance and the improvement of vision. In this the white part that is the cornea of the eye is tattooed. It is a medically prescribed method for the persons with scratch marked eye tissues. There are various methods of tattooing of the eye, also various options for the success and medical safety of the procedure exists. Tattooing of the eye is a practice from approximately thousands of years and is now again a trend in Canada.

In this process the dye/ink is inserted in the white portion that is the cornea of the eye using some syringes and injections and designs are made.

Bagel/doughnut heads

Getting injected a saline into the forehead to get a bagel/doughnut type shape on forehead is not an easy task. Being such a painful job to get such shapes, people of Japan promoted the trend called “Bagel head”. It is a kind of body modification technique initiated in Canada and is highly encouraged by the Japan’s Fashion World. The process is basically a swelling distortion caused by the saline drip. Media channels ambiguously asserted it as “Japan trend”. I still don’t see how this is a trend, having your forehead look like a doughnut.

When it comes to such trends being unfashionable will definitely save you from looking crazy!

Royce Mapaike is with Exquisite Entertainment

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