As the lockdown regulations gradually ease, Brawlers make a return to the golf course

The good news is however, the players have not lost their physique and stamina


By Mitchel Kavhai

Come Friday 7th of August 2020, Houghton Golf Club goes abuzz as the Brawlers return to the Golf course for a swing once again.

Led by Captain Zimbango, the club members are set to appear in Red and Black to once again unite in sport.

The sport had been hampered for over 4 months due to the on-going Covid-19 lockdown. The good news is however, the players have not lost their physique and stamina, as they engaged in other fitness activities as permitted by the lockdown regulations.

Many engaged in both indoor and outdoor activities that ranged from road runs, indoor gym and various other fitness routines.

At the onset of the golf events, members are advised of the Green Fees to be R365, members parting with R265 and Competition fees pegged at R50. Meeting time is set for 1130hrs.


A new Brawlette, Dr Ellen Rungano has brought and taken skipping to an interesting level as part of her indoor workouts within the Brawlers’ camp.

Initially starting with as little as 206 jumps in 3 minutes, she has seen her activity escalate to a hefty 5 434 jumps in 57 minutes burning as much as 848 calories.

The longest time she has spent on the rope is equivalent to almost 2 hours and 30 minutes of jogging, achieving almost similar results, if not beyond.

As an all-time legend, it is commendable to recognise Rudo’s massive hit of the current record of 6 000 skips accompanied with a combination of 100 squats as a combined effort.

Certainly levels of endurance are going places all round, well done.


To add an interesting touch to the runs, the athletes have embarked on a “No pressure challenge”. With the lockdown regulations permitting, this is an open challenge that allows the Brawlers to go all out and stretch their limits to preferable desired limits.

Outrunning Ano Machinjike’s initial 10km challenge, set as the Brawlers’ benchmark pacesetter, and the courageous Captain Zimbango setting challenges, Kudzai Musekiwa opened a new chapter by running a commendable, 63km in a week.

Quite exciting is the notion of getting the job done under “no pressure” yet so much work achieved. Well done Kudzai.


The cycling challenge remains open to a challenge of a minimum of 40km stretching to a maximum of 150km per week.

This coverage remains optimistic to see this challenge taken and shot down as the team players continue to strive to keep fit in many different ways.

Brawlers Television

Having spent a whole week working out, the Brawlers Television channel brings you a relaxing moment from Friday through to Sunday. Various DJs showcase old time Classics, R&B, Soul and Afro beats from across the globe to relax the aching muscles.

The law on keeping fit

Whilst the regulations of the Covid-19 lockdown have much relaxed to allow athletes to be outdoors and exercise, the Brawlers’ platform still maintains the need to keep safe and observe the law.

The wearing of masks and all protective measures to avoid the pandemic’s consequences remain a priority to the Brawlers’ family.

Stay fit. Stay safe.

Till next week. Cheers.


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