July 31 comes, and July 31 goes: Reflections of a Dispondent Diaspora Exile

I pray for Zimbabwe today – and I pray for Zimbabwe tonight. In fact I pray for Zimbabwe everyday.

By Takudzwa Hope Chasi

The current affairs posts from Zimbabwe on a daily basis, are just overwhelmingly heartbreaking. The hopelessness and helplessness that I feel towards the situation, creates a sense of frustration that seems beyond the realm of anger.

It’s a never ending grief cycle, of disbelief, denial, anger, guilt, acceptance, and disbelief all over again.

I have been angry and vocal before. I got into a phase of trying to rally up the anger of my compatriots, till I realised that for Zimbabweans – we just live each one for themselves. Of late, I have been in the phase of trying to ignore the whole situation.

I have no idea what 31 July Protests are really and truly all about. I am trying to ignore it – we have been here before, and after all the excitement, things never really changed.

But a part of me, like that dead rubber soccer match – when your team is playing – you just watch out of the corner of your eye – while pretending to be doing other productive things – hoping for a goal. I honestly wish that somehow, that 31 July spawns a breakthrough – or will it. Nah. I don’t think so. Not this century.

I am just tired of being ashamed of being a Zimbabwean. Not in the sense of the label – I have no choice, I was born there. But what we have become known for.

I am tired of the utter poverty that the elites (all elites) have created in our land – as well as in the millions of diaspora victims of the political and economic Mfecane – that Zanu-PF has inflicted over the years.

I am tired of tweets – retweets – and exposés

I am tired of being angry with soldiers, police and intelligence personnel, who themselves have no professional options but to serve the system. They are poor, unqualified and hungry themselves – with no other life skill or opportunity except the Zanu-PF way of violence. Yet they are complicit in every way, by propping up the evil system.

It’s a system where doctors, nurses, teachers, and other civil servants are on a daily basis – berated by the people – for poor service – when we all know that most of the problems are well above their pay grade. The system is dead – but we remain in denial.

I am tired of hearing all politicians politicking, but solving nothing. Recently I noticed that it appears even they themselves don’t even debate anything in the Lawmaking chambers of the nation.

I am tired of Church leaders using their megaphones to steal the last cent from suffering worshipers.

I am tired of tweets – retweets – and exposés and long reports on corruption and grand theft of money, minerals, fuel, food, everything. I can’t hardly read them anymore.

All the while a poor, sick and hungry, yet very well educated Zimbabwean lives in an old house, with no basic amenities, water, lights, sewer systems, trash collection… these are a things of the past in urban Zimbabwe.

Violent crime has erupted and people are killing each other for a few dollars. Drugs and prostitution are typically extensions of organised crime. In Zimbabwe, the dynamic is different. People are so poor, they just find the cheapest, deadliest drugs and prostitution as the only way out.

Livestock Dip systems, agricultural support, clinics, basic school infrastructure, are virtually non-existent in rural Zimbabwe. Yet corrupt, greedy fat-cats get away scott-free with billions of US dollars worth of farm mechanisation capital, operational inputs, and cash money, from a broke and broken state.

The hunger and disease is real and obvious in normal Zimbabwe. On top of cholera, dysentry, malaria , HIV/AIDS and this new one – Covid here to finish us off.

The rate of infant mortality – due to a collapsed health care system… ah the statistics? Whoc really cares anymore…? Government basically said – you can all just go ahead and die

Many have tried, to help, by working with this government, trying to invest, donating, others have tried to appeal to their emotional and religious sensibilities. Other have looked to outsiders, South Africa, SADC, AU and the “international community…”

Nothing has worked. Zimbabwean Child – you are truly on our own.

Is it not just shameful, that “One man, One Vote” – the whole liberation war cry has been exchanged for a bag of meal, beans and a bottle of cooking fat? Where are we going, honestly?

I pray for Zimbabwe today – and I pray for Zimbabwe tonight. In fact I pray for Zimbabwe everyday.

If there is a God, maybe the time has come for him to hear us.

I wonder, if we just are too weak now… that war against this system is no longer an option. We are dying anyway, are we not?

Maybe it’s just a phase, maybe tomorrow I won’t care again, and life will go on.

Feeling very sad today on July 31.

Hope T. Chasi
Cell: +27 76 680 2189
Mail: hopechasi@gmail.com
Twitter: @hopechasi
Facebook: Takudzwa Chasi


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We are the lost generation, and we have no-one else to blame but our corrupt government



We are the lost generation, and we have no-one else to blame but our corrupt government