As far as I am concerned – this man is a hero of modern Zimbabwe

By Terrence Mwedzi

I would like to take this moment to convey my deepest condolences to the Shiri family following the untimely death of Air Chief Marshal Perrence Shiri (Rtd), our Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water, and Rural Resettlement.

Surely his death came as a shock to me and l am in deep agony. Cde Shiri was a true patriot and commander par excellence and his contribution to the liberation struggle against the brutal colonial rule was of paramount importance

We lost an liberation and sagacious icon. A true nationalist. As l pen this crucial piece my heart is bleeding and a dark cloud has indeed engulfed.
The wound from the sad loss will be difficult to heal. The people must take some positive lessons from his life because he was a man of his words and a hard worker of all time.

He was a respected man in various ranks and the youths must follow his footsteps, and they will never go wrong. Surely what is the meaning of this in our motherland in the midst of global plague?

I am failing to come to terms with his death.It is an open secret that tears will fade,but the memories will haunt us forever.

The giant has fallen. The mountain has fallen. Matisiya panguva yakaoma CDE. May his good soul rest internal peace.

News and current affairs

In terms of news and current affairs – it is now three years after the fall of the strong man Cde Robert Mugabe, the country’s economy is falling at an alarming pace. To be honest, a lot of Zimbabweans are now struggling to live as the prices of basic commodities continue to skyrocket on a daily bases. The load of challenges are many.

Furthermore, the Covid 19 plague has worsened an already worse situation in Zimbabwe. In the same breath, the businesses have been affected in this Covid-19 season. If truth be told, the people in various sectors of the economy have been urged to stay in doors as the cases of Covid-19 continue to surge in all corners of the nation at an alarming pace.

In recent weeks, we saw a lot of political elites in the opposition corridors urging people to go on the streets to demonstrate against corruption: the giant elephant in the room at the moment.

In Zimbabwe everyone has the right to demonstrate -but how can a sane person urge someone to go into streets in the midst of the deadly plague that is wreaking havoc globally?

I think it is barbaric to put people’s lives at risk.In contrast,this virus is high contagious,and our health system is also decayed. After black lives matter protests in USA it witnessed a daily infections spread of between 70 000 to 100 000 a day. I am talking about America: A developed nation.

What about our nation? The virus is real and it kills. As citizens we must think what will happen to Zimbabwe which has a decayed health system already.

Obvious, we will all perish.

Surely the timing was wrong and is still wrong and a lot of ordinary citizens will agree with me. Times are hard for many people,but why can’t wait we until the dust settles and then continue with our protests? Why we always force things?
Fortunately,the 31 July demonstration was a flop, A BIG FLOP.

If we look closely into this matter, the planned demonstration was not about corruption but regime change that’s why some opposition parties ignored it.

It is now clear that some opposition political gods are working with Western countries to cause civil unrest and anarchy in the country.

Their planned demonstration was all about regime change, but it failed to yield the worthwhile results. I support Mr Patrick Chinamasa’s sentiments when he said Mr Nichols is engaging in acts of mobilising and funding disturbances, co-ordinating violence training fighters.

He was right, absolutely right. It seems we have no real opposition leaders in Zimbabwe.

How can they encourage the suffering populace to fill the streets while they hiding into the bushes and in their comfortable mansions? After the demo flopped they are now saying it was a huge SUCCESS. How?

Who is fooling who here?

Citizen must be wary of these political elites because many of them have no people at heart.They act dramas just to please the western gods for their selfish agendas. Their agendas are now confusing. The 31 July came and pass. What’s next?

It is illegal to try to topple a democratically elected government from power. I also urge the current regime to coutinue to enforce the lockdown measures across the country…but some restrictions must be eased to allow the economy to breath.

When it comes arrest, no one is above the law, if someone break the law must face the music. No one is more special.
If we do so,things will be more viable in our nation.

It is true that the issue of arrests of some political activists and journalists have sparked debate on the social media platforms, and around the world (Western media included) as the government being blamed for human rights violations but to me the whole is story was not about exposing corruption but encouraging people to cause pandemonium in a peaceful country.

I believe it is time to unravel the truth and think outside the box. The opposition gods are crying for the moon.

Where are we going? Our politics is now toxic,and we are facing a lot pandemics in Zimbabwe. The enemies are of progress are doing everything just to soil the country’s image everyday.

The 31 July as was a major blow on them,but many of the have already benefited from that failed demo at the expense of the suffering populace: THE DEMO. The US regime change lackeys will never tire. May the good lord bless Zimbabwe.


Terrence Mwedzi is a writer and poet. The views expressed here are his and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The Sunday Express.



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