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This week Zimbabwe Digital News met with entreprenuer and founder of, Leo Mapfirakupa, and discussed the news of the Multi-Media partnership between his new vehicle, and The Sunday Express E-edition


1. How did you identify the market to establish

Like any other business the first step is to establish a gap in the market and we did that. We saw great networks whose members are not getting much value from and is bridging that gap. Being a member of the BIB group, it was easy over time to identify that an enhanced platform is required and we have done that.

2. How has been the response to the launch, and the uptake so far?

We are very happy with the uptake so far. In the first week of launch the platform attracted over 100 users from business within the immediate networks and that speaks a lot about our brand. We have businesses within the network from as far as United Kingdom, Australia and Rwanda already advertising on the platform.

3. As you say that is a product of BIB, what are you doing, which has not been done on BIB? is a product out of BIB and not in any way is it a competitor, instead it is value addition to the same network. Remember BIB is not a platform but a group on Telegram and we have identified that the members needed more than what Telegram can offer. itself is a member of the BIB Telegram group. As members of BIB we can not modify Telegram to suit our needs which are unique and constantly changing and that led to the establishment of which we control and will continuously improve to address the ever changing needs.

4. How are you bringing value to your new listings and can you juxtapose and Brawlers In Business?

Our advertisers are very happy with the additional benefits they enjoy when advertising on It is very easy for their customers to search their businesses under respective categories and geographic locations. Remember with chat platforms, it is very difficult to do that especially if adverts are been done in an image format. is not limited by geographic location but linking businesses in similar networks globally and this is definitely giving advertisers a broader audience.

5. What sectors seem to be more subscribed than the others?

All sectors are represented well and the numbers do not really mean that other sectors are dominating but it is just a representation of these sectors in the economy.
Given that our advertising was first with the Brawlers network, you will see that more of the suppliers are in business services, training, engineering, mining and construction. Now that we are advertising to the global community, we definitely expect all categories to be filled up with competitive suppliers.

6. Where will be in two years?

We will definitely be a first place of choice for customers seeking goods and services from the same network(s) and beyond. We seek to link business in similar networks globally and by then Brawlers should be relying on for it will definitely offer personalised value that is not readily available to competitors on the market.

7. How do you see your brand linking up with the story telling focus that is currently running in The Sunday Express?

There is a story behind every business and will use this opportunity to share its own story with the world. As an entrepreneur one has a role to give back to the community and one of the ways is plough back your skills in business to inspire others. Imagine if we organised a speaking session where our top businesses on are talking currencies with high schools or universities. The mind is the most powerful tool of an entrepreneur and only telling a good innovative business story will exhibit this power and the world is in need of such energy.

8. Describe your marketing plan and how are you sailing through the ravages of Covid-19

We have done our market audit and all our strategies are informed but that. We are making use the People, Product, Infrastructure, Process and Promotion. We are making use of digital channels in taking our product to the market and offering all Brawlers golf sponsors a week premium advertising on for the next 2 months.

It takes less than 10mins to create an account and post an advert on and we are working on taking this time even less. Covid-19 has taught us more and one of the key lessons is if a business is not linked to technology, the future is not bright.

9. Anything else that you have not told us in terms of the rollout of is on the market to stay and one of our key strategies is service augmentation. Our research is focused on being ahead of the customers and giving them what they didn’t know they need.
Listing a business on is free and some have asked, how are we making a profit in offering a free service? Very good question. is a platform and there are lots of opportunities in digital marketing to monetise the platform without charging businesses for listing.
Remember we are targeting a market that is not currently paying for advertising so we needed to be innovative and offer better for no charge.


10. How does one place advert on

Advertising on is very free, easy and the platform is user friendly:

1. Click
Create (Register) an Account
2.Click Post New Ad
3. Create the Ad
4. Click Publish Ad

NB: The platform allows advertisers to upload pictures
The advert will go through verification and once approved it will be live on



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