Boom Baby proves that she is not a kid of Zimbabwe’s radio airwaves

You can call me a feminist, in some sense but I think my success speaks loud about me


By Royce Mapaike

With a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (Banking and Finance) many may think that being a radio DJ, a female one for that matter is nothing more than a case of seriously misplaced priorities and maybe loose morals but wait until you have heard the story of Star Fm Zimbabwe’s Boom Baby whose real name is Rufaro Faith Chakanyuka.

She has broken into the male dominated broadcasting scene and has managed to make a mark probably much bolder than she could have done had she decided to use her academic qualifications while at the same time she had debunked the misnotion that the arts industry was a preserve of the academically handicapped.

She is now a well-travelled person and a celebrity who is out to advance the women’s cause in the arts in a predominantly patriarchal community.

She is one such person who has been trying hard to push the boundaries that separate males from females in the arts sector to allow more females to enter and showcase their artistic prowess in a male dominated territory of rocking the decks. Men have finally conceded to that fact albeit in hushed tones and amid strong stereotyping of such women as Boom Baby but she said she would remain undeterred.

Boom Baby Yohlyf

The lady has not only managed to gain exposure but has also produced a couple of tracks and radio programmes over the years that have been on top positions on Star Fm radio station and TV in Zimbabwe.

With her claim on record Boom, a staunch feminist has shrugged off all negative stereotypes facing female DJs in the industry as nothing more than an effort by male counterparts to force them out of the industry so that they hedge it with their own names.

“Media is my first love, cooking follow of course. But it has not been an easy road for me to break into a male dominated industry. You can call me a feminist, in some sense but I think my success speaks loud about me,” she said. Exhuming feminist traits, Boom Baby called upon other female DJs to come out from hiding and take centre stage in the industry saying it was time to break the jinx in the male dominated industry.

“I think it’s time for women to play an active role in showcasing their talents. I know it is a male dominated industry, but I believe we can still make it in the industry through hard work so that we have more women breaking into the system.

“So far I’m working on a TV programme called Boom Baby Yohlyf , I have seen some talent in the Zimbabwe arts industry and it would be worthy for them to go far in the industry if they are given enough support morally and in terms of resources,” said Chakanyuka as she was responding to Exquisite Entertainment Whatsapp Group chat participants early this week.

She said she was more than honoured to have been one of the main attractions at the commercial radio station,Star Fm.
Boom Baby ventured into broadcasting while studying in Namibia in the early 2010, when she doing her first year in varsity.

After gaining a remarkable following from Varsity and Namibian media fraternity, she never looked back.

For a young female broadcaster, this was a remarkable success, as she was the face on most of Namibian TV and radio shows and reaching Gold status in sales.

She also -owns a social media brand, team ruffy which is famous for his influence in the world of social media. Serious brand it is. – Exquisite Entertainment


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