We must develop the right relationship with money if we are to step into Birthing Mega Economies

We have to deliberately change our modus operandi and begin to es­tablish Kingdom Global Economic Forums in our churches


Br Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa

Could it be that we have adopted a church model that is wrong? Could it be that the church has settled for a weak substitute to what God intended us to have?

How practical is it that the God of the uni­verse would call the church and not give it a mandate that is more potent than trying to get people to escape earth and go to heaven as political and economic asylum seekers?

Could it be that there is a con­versation we need to have in the church that we are afraid to have be­cause of the possible kickback from the kingdom of satan?

Pardon me for asking these questions, but these are necessary to bring context to what I endeavour to discuss in this chapter. An hon­est assessment of the status quo clearly shows that there is something wrong with the current picture.

We gather in church and sing songs about a mighty God who sits on a mighty throne and that He is the great I Am, we talk about how powerful we are as believers and posi­tionally there is no debate that this is true; however, there is little evi­dence that this position is true.

The church seems to be troubled as is the world today

The church seems to be as troubled as the world is today if not more troubled.

Churches cannot get funding from the banks because they do not have reliable credit ratings within the financial systems, so we try to sell cookies and second hand clothing in order to build the kingdom of the God of the universe.

We have no say on infrastructural devel­opment plans for our cities and we are being pushed out of strategic locations and put in the back corners somewhere whilst strip clubs and liquor stores take the front spaces with neon lighting to attract cus­tomers.

Our television programs are inferior in quality and are given the cheapest slots when no one is watching.

Witchdoctors, cults and satanic organisations are given room to speak in parliament whilst pas­tors are threatened and told they cannot preach messages that are not approved by someone who probably went to law school and not Bible College. Christian schools are being shut down whilst Islamic schools and Hindu schools are permitted to go on uncensored.

I cannot stand by and say things are ok, not in the least. We need to see the church that Jesus died for become the voice on the mountain top to the generation and not an irritating echo in the valley.

A critic of the church

There are a number of factors as to why we are in this deplorable state and I will not attempt to go into depth on all of these. The purpose of this book is to focus on one particular area. There are other ministers who will be able to write elaborately on the other causes for the church’s weak­nesses.

To give the churches credit there has been a lot accomplished in spite of the severe opposition from satan and his gatekeepers. I am in no way just being a critic of the church. I have lived by a simple princi­ple, I never complain about something that I will not take responsibil­ity over.

If I raise an issue it is because I am willing to work it through and find solutions that we can implement, so in this case there is an an­swer that the Lord has given to me. Hence I can write with such intense passion because we have to move to the appointed place in God’s plan.

Until we break economic barriers and begin to step into the places of influence we will always have to pray and fight for our voices to be heard. God never intended the church to be a nation of beggars.

We are a Kingdom of kings and priests. We are a royal priesthood, a holy nation chosen by Him and for Him. Being beggars was not part of the deal.

We are supposed to reign in life as Kings, but the kings have become beggars because they do not want to make use of Kingdom principles to give birth to business models that are built on a Kingdom financial model. The words of King Solomon ring true:

There is an evil which I have seen under the sun, as an error which proceedeth from the ruler: Folly is set in great dignity, and the rich sit in low place. I have seen servants upon hors­es, and princes walking as servants upon the earth. (Ecclesiastes 10:5-7, KJV).

Stepping into Birthing Mega Economies

We must develop the right relationship with money if we are to step into Birthing Mega Economies.

If we see money as sinful we will al­ways repel it from us and not attract it to us. As Africans we need to see wealth and riches as God’s will for us so we can begin to create ideas to birth great wealth.

There are many people who find it hard to say “one of my goals is to be rich” either because they feel being rich is sinful, or they feel they may never achieve it so they would rather not say any­thing and when they see those that have accumulated great substance they call them sinners.

The two fundamental courses that must be taught are the Word of God and Business. All the other faculties must exist to help make these real and applicable in life. Churches must build schools and universi­ties and facilitate for people to live successfully. Every church that has over one hundred members must start making plans to open a school.

Education outside the guidelines of the Word of God will be empty. God gives meaning to life and existence on the planet.

He gives mean­ing to science, mathematics, philosophy and all the other subjects that people take up in school. God began to show me how we need to bring up the next group of marketplace experts in all the different sectors of society as the church.

Multiplied impact and income

We have to deliberately change our modus operandi and begin to es­tablish Kingdom Global Economic Forums in our churches. (The name right now is irrelevant) these are simply groups within the church that seek to empower believers to take over the marketplace and establish a Kingdom ethos in spheres of business.

We are to empower people not to escape but to impact the nations. The next group of politicians that will take centre stage must be men and women that have been men­tored and coached in the house of God.

The next crop of millionaires and billionaires must be those that we have anointed as gatekeepers that understand their mandate and authority. The Kingdom Global Economic Forum will be set up to enable the vision of the local church to progress unhindered. These will be men and women of God who understand that their marketplace presence exists solely to gather the resources of the world so we can expand Kingdom influence.

Their agenda is simple, owning banks, businesses, schools, colleges, hospitals, commercial properties etc. so we can show forth the glory of God and be a blessing to our cities, nations and continent.

They un­derstand, like Abraham that the nations shall be blessed through them. They will not compromise this position for anything.

Once these be­come operational within single churches then they can network across churches and across borders. This will result in multiplied impact and income.

Then there will be financial institutions that will be birthed out of that whose influence is far greater than any single government. This will enable the church to approach governments and offer to pay off national debt.

The kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdoms of our God and of His anointed ones. And to the increase of His Kingdom there shall be no end.

Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa is a prolific author whose voice has gone across Africa speaking on economic empowerment and financial freedom. We have created this website to give you easy access to his resources and message. We desire to partner with you in changing Africa and eradicating poverty. We seek to add value to the work that has already been done on the ground by other like-minded organisations. Birthing A Mega Economy is a prophetic word that was given to Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa on the way forward for Africa and her people. In the book Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa tables a process by which we can eliminate poverty in the next 50 years. He shows how that it is not only a great vision, but it is in God’s agenda.

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