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Access Forex and African Basket Partnership Brings Zimbabweans Closer to Home

We are playing our part to equip and connect Zimbabweans at home and abroad


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Zimbabwean financial services provider Access Forex has partnered with African Basket in Gauteng to bring Zimbabweans in South Africa closer to home.

By partnering with African Basket – a Zimbabwean-owned retailer with 11 branches in Gauteng – Access Forex is looking to provide convenience of shopping and remittances to Zimbabweans at the same place.

The Access Forex Remittance platform allows Zimbabweans abroad to send money home to loved ones seamlessly, quickly and securely.

The platform is accessible, and makes sending money home more convenient than ever.

Through Access Forex, recipients in Zimbabwe can collect funds sent conveniently, through local agents MyCash, Quest Financial Services and Access Finance Registered Bureau De Change.

Access Forex is now available at over 30 branches across Zimbabwe as it continues to grow its Access Forex guarantees to its customers through payouts in USD cash, as well as a pleasant and smooth experience with excellent customer service and no queues.

Within South Africa, the largest Zimbabwean population resides in Gauteng province.

Registration portal

This makes African Basket particularly convenient to access, as well as the locations of their branches which are close to taxi ranks.

Customers can send money home to Zimbabwe by visiting any of the 11 African Basket branches registering and depositing cash or swiping with their debit card.

Zimbabweans who reside outside of Gauteng province can visit the website www.accessforex.com and register on our self -service portal

Access Forex believes it has an important role in serving customers at home and abroad. “We are excited to have launched our home-grown solution in South Africa as well as the UK,” they stated.

“Zimbabweans are best equipped to solve Zimbabwean problems and we are playing our part to equip and connect Zimbabweans at home and abroad.”

Remittances are growing in Zimbabwe and across Africa. Across the globe, migrant workers make a fundamental contribution to their families and communities back home by helping the sustainable development of their countries.

Many Zimbabweans have emigrated to South Africa, leaving their loved ones behind at home.

Zimbabweans abroad regularly send money to contribute to the needs of loved ones at home, from school fees and medical bills to the building of homes.

Remittances also go a long way in supporting rural communities, who are often marginalized.

Access Forex connects families, and in so doing it supports the contributions of Zimbabweans abroad to the needs and development of communities across the nation.

About Access Forex

Access Forex, a 100% Zimbabwean-owned remittances business, brings Zimbabweans in the UK and South Africa closer to home.

The business is licensed by the South African Reserve Bank and FCA in the UK as a money transfer operator for remittances into Zimbabwe from the UK and South Africa.

For more information email help@accessforex.com. Alternatively, reach the Access Forex Call Centre by phoning +263 8677 180 221, or Whatsapp +263 776 302 424.



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