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Mupedzanhamo Online Shop gains traction on groceries with Gain partnership

Gains Traction with Mupedzanhamo

The current inflationary environment in Zimbabwe is causing price fluctuations for basic goods

Staff Reporter

MUPEDZANHAMO Online Shop launched in July as a grocery service that will give Zimbabwean nationals working and living in South Africa, as well as any South Africa-based customers, the ability to buy groceries for families and friends in Zimbabwe.

Customers of the new Mupedzanhamo Online Shop service can place orders for groceries that includes mealie-meal, cooking oil, sugar, salt, rice among other essential products.

The service is available on the company website www.mupedzanhamoonline.com

In partnership with GAIN CASH & CARRY the largest wholesalers in Zimbabwe with over 60 shops across all provinces in Zimbabwe.

Mupedzanhamo Online Shop and GAIN CASH & CARRY have combined to provide arguably the most extensive network of shops where Zimbabweans leaving and working in South Africa can buy and pay for groceries in South Africa, for their family and friends in Zimbabwe.

“Many organisation’s offering similar services have failed to extensively cover all the people across Zimbabwe, with our partnership with GAIN CASH & CARRY we have a network of outlets which is unmatched, ensuring affordable and convenient services,” said Edwin Anderson – CEO of Mupedzanhamo Online Shop.

“The current inflationary environment in Zimbabwe is causing price fluctuations for basic goods and in some cases unreliability in the supply of certain products – as many Zimbabwean retailers have struggled to replenish stock,” said Anderson.

“By enabling Zimbabweans based in South Africa to pay for groceries for families and friends in Zimbabwe, we are providing a solution to these challenges”

Goods are available immediately for collection.

Customers can easily register on the website – www. mupedzanhamoonlineshop.com to create an order from R200 and pay.

Payments can be done through any payat outlets which include, Shoprite and Pick n Pay, customers can also pay using master pass and bank transfers, using a payment reference.

The recipient will then receive an SMS with a voucher number to go and collect at any of the GAIN CASH & CARRY stores across Zimbabwe.

The goods will be ready for collection immediately after payment confirmation has been received.







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