Diversified Media Technology Zimbabwe: Invitation for Expressions of Interest

As our name suggests – (diversified), (media), (technology) – we operate in the area of digital media technology, focusing on the internet of things and transforming data into decisions


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Diversified Media Technology Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd is a multi-media technology company operating a pletora of online newsmedia platforms, including www.zimbabwedigitalnews.com, The Friday Mix, and The Sunday Express weekly newspapers and the Hot Seat Current Affairs Radio Talkshow.

Diversified Media Technologies Zimbabwe is a Private Limited Company registered in Zimbabwe.

As our name suggests – (diversified), (media), (technology) – we operate in the area of digital media technology, focusing on the internet of things and transforming lives, and transforming data into decisions.

Our diversity is in the integration of current affairs news media, data technology, innovation, discoveries and future value creation for our stakeholders.

A listing as the second public listed media company in Zimbabwe is in the offing.

DMTZ has on-going interests in multi-media broadcasting, radio, selected print, digital technology, fintech, corporate data analysis, agriculture (Afrostain Farmtech News Magazine), tourism, property, health and public international discourse.

We have recently incorporated in Zimbabwe, and are requesting expressions of interest from interested individuals, organisations, and institutions in the consolidation of digital technology news media platforms for Zimbabweans in the news media for Sub-Saharan Africa.

If interested, visit www.zimbabwedigitalnews.com, and text ‘hi’ on the whatsapp button.

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1. I have a story to tell
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3. I have a role to play in news, information, public media communication
4. I prefer to See News Differently
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6. I believe in media, and I share the vision of networks and connectivity
7. I love diversity of news media
8. I am into digital technologies
9. I am interested in current affairs
10. If this is you, kindly go to www.zimbabwedigitalnews.com, and whatsapp “hi” TODAY (27 834767918)




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