Its summer time, and its shama time

Class does not change because it is natural but swag changes from time to time

By Royce Mapaike

OKAY summer’s back and golly, we are in for some heat. I know summer is probably many people’s favourite season, as they get to flaunt a lot of their style.
I guess we should also brace ourselves for a whole lot of nudity, as the weather heats up. I think summer time should be renamed shama time, as this is one season people can actually get away with practically walking around naked.
But anyway do that at your own risk.
So I have been told that this season the best way to flaunt your style is to add some colour to your wardrobe and get some outfits that show a bit of skin . . . that applies to the ladies, the skin showing. I really don’t mind the summer but what I don’t like about it is having coming across people with bad body odours.
As I always emphasise to my circle of friends, the few minutes in the bathroom are essential in keeping your body odour in check. I really can’t understand someone that has smelly armpits in the morning.
It just doesn’t make sense for one to smell so early in the morning, the only logical explanation is that they wouldn’t have bathed. So my message here is very simple, try to bath at least twice a day, once in the morning and evening before you go to bed.
Pull your pants up boy; you are far from being a gentleman. Class is the way you carry yourself in a dignified manner, it’s something a man is born with.
It cannot be simulated but it’s innate, entrenched in the aura of a man. However, swag is something any classless idiot can attain by merely emulating the lifestyle and outfits of rappers. Swag is just an upgraded form of stupidity, misguided pride.
Generally the tug of war between class and swag is a very controversial debate among all age groups.
Some say swag is for boys and class is for men, however, I passionately disagree with this notion because there are people that are way beyond boyhood but have swag, for instance American hip — hop mogul Bryan Williams popularly referred to as Birdman is virtually 50 years old but is a man of swag.

A good social reputation
Before someone smashes my teeth out of my mouth, I’m not taking a shot at Lil Wayne as a rapper, I actually like his music and I think that he is greatly talented though I’m not a great fan of his.
Despite what Lil Wayne wears he still looks like an ordinary man from the hood. He has swag but he has no class, the way he carries himself does not reveal that he is worthy of millions.
In contrary Jay-Z is one of the few rappers that have class that are still in the game.
Something tells you that even if the young man wasn’t rich he would still carry himself in a dignified manner. Regardless of what he is wearing he still looks like he is worthy millions.
Allow me to stop trying to crack the shell and just crush the nut. It is absolutely ridiculous to find boys going around showing off their posterior, boxers, wearing women’s lengthy chains, a vast number of rings and earrings and graphic t-shirts.
Class does not change because it is natural but swag changes from time to time; it changes through the transition of fashion. Both swag and class are a form of lifestyle, which influences the way one wears and behaves.
A classic man in a well-tailored suit believes that actions speak louder than words, he does not preach about how much money he has in his wallet or bank account to prove that he is rich.
A good social reputation
However, less can be said about those that wear skinny jeans. Frequently men of class have order and decorum, you can simply tell by what they wear, commanding respect from the world. Those who brag about swag are just a bunch of loony attention seekers.
A classy man will seek to be a professional at a particular field, in a nutshell men of class have careers but the swag type hustle in order to strike a living and most times that hustling leaves them nowhere outside the grey bars of prison.
Above all, there is nothing that attracts ladies better than a classy man. Women tend to be attracted to men that look presentable, respectable and have a good social reputation.

Men with swag try by all means to make ladies think they are great but classy men are just themselves.
Again when it comes to treating ladies in relationships, men of class know that tenderness is the best love medicine, whereas men with swag delight in making their lovers jealous of every girl they look at.
Consequently, on hammering the last nails of the coffin, swag is just an illusion of a 16-year-old boy’s lifestyles that has been created and coined in a way to mislead our societies.

Class is the originality of man; if you are classy then you are original. As this tug of war continues, the question remains: are you a man of class or swag?

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