Diaspora Meds launches medical insurance in partnership with Tengai Online

We have also partnered with Tengai online, a virtual media technologies company domiciled in the United Kingdom


By Brian Changamire

Diaspora Meds, is a South African based entity, servicing the medical needs of Zimbabweans back home via diasporans in various countries of the world.

The medical space in the country is far from its best at the moment, and moreover access to private Healthcare is negatively exacerbated by the growing unemployment rate.

On the back of this plethora, the company has packaged a product tailor made for diasporans to pay for medical insurance and allow their loved ones to enjoy access to private health care back home.

The product is structured in partnership with various financial service providers. It is underwritten by cellmed Zimbabwe and reinsured by Maksure Risk Solutions.

Both entities boast of significantly massive balance sheets.

We have also partnered with Tengai online, a virtual media technologies company domiciled in the United Kingdom, the company has huge brand equity in providing various online shopping services for diasporans to provide for their loved ones back home.

The product is unique in many ways, amongst its unique features : access to a huge database of varying medical service providers across the country, affordable premiums, no waiting periods for the bulk of medical services, minimal to zero shortfalls and the outstanding hospital cash back plan amongst many other outstanding features.

The product is designed to create peace of mind for diasporans, with respect to the health of their loved ones back home at the same time cutting on the huge financial demands emanating from unforseen medical emergencies.

The product is also envisaged to curtail the poor service delivery in the public health care system by channeling members to a “ready to serve” medial service providers database.

What we do

Value worth sending home

Diasporameds through CellMed Health Medical Fund offers comprehensive medical aid cover through an extensive service provider network with countrywide distribution, guaranteeing that our members can access medical services in any part of the country. We have also made strategic partnerships regionally and internationally which allow CellMed members to access medical treatment outside our borders. We always strive for excellence in service delivery and we are ISO9001:2015 certified.

Why choose our Medical Insurance:

Minimum to no shortfalls & co-payment: Our plans cover all the provisions with minimum to no top-ups! Which means, you enjoy more peace of mind that your provisions for your loved ones will cater for their medical needs!

Wellness and health risk management program: We encourage our members to be pro-active about healthy living and lifestyle. In order to support this, we designed a robust continuous health programme which engages members in various activities which improve quality of life. Among many, this includes fitness activities – all included in our packages.

Pay easily and flexibly: Pay subscriptions for your loved ones from the comfort of your home through Paypal on our flexible platforms. Meaning, you can easily make payments via VISA or Mastercard

Access to a wide range of medical facilities & services: Your CellMed membership gives you access to a vast world of medical services! From general practitioners and specialists to radiology services, and pharmacies, you’ve got coverage.

Hospital Cash Back plan: If a member’s stay in hospital exceeds two days, we’ll pay for the inconvenience through our hospital cash back plan which the member can use at their discretion. That’s real value!




Principal Member/Spouse/ Adult $48.00 $60.00 $80.00
Child Dependent $32.00 $43.00 $50.00
Above 65 years $60.00 $72.00 $92.00





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