Talking Finance with Tarie: Don’t relax, when it comes to funeral policies

For every Zimbabwean in the diaspora it is essential to have a funeral policy. But you must also have the correct policy


By Tarie Manyonga


Many Zimbabweans in Diaspora tend to relax so much when it comes to having funeral policies.

It is regarded as one thing that’s not a necessity because you can even hear someone bragging that when l die⚰️, then I will know who cared about me so much when l was alive.

Those people are the ones who are going to take care of my funeral as well.

This is a very saddening reality because this stems from pure ignorance. As it stands, many repurcations affect those surviving and honestly speaking it’s a very high level of being inconsiderate.

Just start to think of how much it costs 💸 to repatriate a dead body from, say South Africa to Zimbabwe. That is almost like R15000.

Do we ever think of how the ones we are leaving behind are going to cope after your funeral.

It’s very funny to me sometimes because there are companies like Doves Zororo Phumulani, Nyaradzo Sahwira Mukuru and ACID to mention just a few which have policies that costs as little as R79 per month.

The good part of most of these policies is that they cover the mother, father as well as their 6 kids. Just get to think of what other unnecessary things you could buy or do using that same R79!!

This is a matter that as Zimbabweans we should really take seriously. For every Zimbabwean in the diaspora it is essential to have a funeral policy.

I have heard saddening stories of a man who spent the whole month in the mortuary simply because his family could not afford the repatriation fee.

As we all know that death is inevitable, each and every one of us should take time and consider having a funeral policy.
It’s all a matter of prioritising what’s important.

Money matters you must be in charge of it.

Many people we want the leaders to change, we want the economy to change.

What change will that have on your finances?

We conform to our old ways of handling money, yet we expect change from others.

The irony of it, if you not willing to make changes in your financial decisions nothing will change in your finances.

Its simple, be willing to learn more of how to handle your money, read a financial book every month, read financial blogs every week.


Till next week


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