Zimbabwe denies that hospitals are overwhelmed by Corona Virus pandemic

Reports that public hospitals are under strain due to a shortages of beds and equipment are exaggerated, says Vice President



By Bloomberg


Zimbabwean Health Minister Constantino Chiwenga has denied reports that the country’s hospitals are overwhelmed amid a surge in the coronavirus, calling them an “exaggeration.”

“The recent escalation of cases of the pandemic in the country caused a high demand for health care,” Chiwenga said in an emailed statement.

“Nonetheless, let me reassure citizens that Zimbabwe’s public and private health institutions still have adequate capacity to offer health services to all patients.”

Should Covid-19 infections continue to rise, additional public hospitals may be directed to admit cases, Chiwenga said.

At present, the Parirenyatwa facility in the capital, Harare, is the main provider of care to patients with the virus.

“There might not be any need of extending the 30-day national lockdown if the progression of the pandemic is tamed,” said Chiwenga, who is also the country’s vice president and issued the latest regulations in a bid reduce infections.
Authorities have the capacity to conduct 6,000 tests daily, he said.
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