African football should be run by Africans – including national teams

In Zimbabwe the national team has failed to improve or to produce the desired results under foreign coaches


By Terrence Mwedzi


The demise and decline of the football standards in Africa, mainly in our beloved country – Zimbabwe have reached worrying and strange levels.

It is disgusting to note that the warriors were booted out from the ongoing 2021 CHAN tournament taking place in Cameroon in the midst of the deadly pandemic-COVID 19.

It is still hard for me to believe that the warriors lost all their 3 group matches scoring just once in 270 minutes.

Sure this is a huge blow to the soccer- loving fans we did not expect that to prevail we deserve something better. It is difficult to contain the loss.

The current national team coach Zdaravko Logarusic is chiefly to blame for this disaster despite the dozens of challenges that are prevailing in the Warriors camp.

That bat

He made the headlines when he was photographed pointing to a dead bat that was on the pitch before the game against Cameroon at CHAN. Did we lose all there games because of the bat?

Is there room to blame black magic on our non-performance. What is there are bat nests nearby or on the roof of the stadium in which we were playing? Does it matter in the bigger scheme of things?

The biggest problem with Loga is that he was doing too much experiments when we were expecting a WIN – a CLEAN sheet. The team returned home empty handed – without even a point.

I think foreign coaches are not for us because of so many reasons.

The culture of not believing in our own coaches is very wrong and unAfrican because we have a lot of good coaches in Zimbabwe that can change things for the better in the field of play but we choose to hire foreign coaches sometimes that have no coaching qualities even the proven track record in the coaching field, but why?

What’s wrong with us Africans? The ZIFA board should not take the 10 million (+) football-loving-fans in Zimbabwe for a ride.

We expect something worthwhile and l think the ZIFA president should desist from hiring foreign coaches because they are not good for us several reasons.

Yes we can blame the COVID-19 lockdown for poor preparations and lack of adequate resources but for me the coach is the big problem.

I strongly believe that we should believe in our local coaches and they can do better than those foreign coaches, in the long run. In the same vein, what we want is good results, not to hear excuses and complains time and again.

It is evident that a local coach has several advantages over a foreign coach, familiarity with culture and language which can foster an appreciation of the national football history and if we want our local coaches to produce good results we should give them a chance and salaries similar to those given to their foreign counterparts.

It is very worrisome that many African nations are now shunning local based coaches for foreign ones.

In Zimbabwe, it is witnessed that the national team failed to improve or to produce the desired results under foreign coaches.

Surely this is a perennial debate in Africa. It is always there when the football tournaments are on in Africa.

Prior to 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP, former Malawi national team coach told BBC World Services that: “It’s unfair for us African coaches not to be given a good chance to run our own national teams because in the first place most of us well trained. l trained in Britain, So to me, l think it’s just because of our own mentality that we do not believe in our people.”

A lot of soccer pundits will agree with me that Egypt is one of the most successful teams in the AFCON history, it has won the trophy several times, mainly with local coaches – take the recent three successive victories (2006,2008 and 2010).

Yes everyone knows that things are not going well in the football fraternity but what are they doing to improve the situation because they have been complaining about financial constraints and other countless issues for many years?

My burning desire is to see the African football standards growing.



Loga and the bat that appeared on the pitch before the game against Cameroon at CHAN


Terrence Mwedzi is a writer, poet and football pundit. He writes to the Digital Sunday Express in personal capacity and can be contacted on: +27611370088.



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