There is so much negative publicity about Zimbabwe: Time to change the narrative

On this programme that we are now leading, we want to change the narrative, totally



By Lubs Nariti Luboza


I am touched by the consistency, informative, apolitical and diverse this paper – Digital Sunday Express – keeps. Since the inception of the paper it has maintained its texture by providing news from different backgrounds – the news that you do not ordinarily see in other press.

I indeed applaud the consistency of this paper as it has grown from each rising level.

Many times I read Zimbabwe Digital News Newspaper and I feel more encouraged. I remember the young man who designed a fuel-less car posted on this Newspaper.

The story inspired me very much and I look forward that one day as Africans we will do that – starting from Zimbabwe.

I know that we have much potential to invent, create and bring about candidly technological innovations to the amazement of many.

Looking Back

I had been one of the initial members when this newspaper was launched. I wrote about farming, our country and other issues in the editorial sections.

One thing that pushed me to do this was the idea to change the face of our country Zimbabwe.

There is so much negative publicity about Zimbabwe and the African continent. Our journalists report only negative in most cases about our country.

Many foreigners when they hear about Zimbabwe or Africa, they think of a jungle where no human beings live.

Their perspective is negative about Africa as a continent.

Only few foreigners who come from abroad into Africa are able to tell the story of an African nation – as we have consistently done in this newspaper.

Through the farming initiative that I am now leading, I am looking forward that we will create a positive, large and amazing farming industry across Zimbabwe and into Africa at large.

We are not looking at just farming, but we are looking at creating employment, local processing industries, advertising & marketing hubs.

We want to have a viable cotton ginnery, healthy beef/ meat abattoirs, oil processing hubs and training and research centres.

As this initiative is growing we now have a registered organisation that all these programs will be running under.

In 2020, the Oprah Winfrey of Africa Rudo Otilia Zvobgo joined the Zim Digital News Newspaper and immediately became the champion on Hotseat Africa.

From this came Hotseat Farming in which I challenged most of the farmers – in the group(s) of the readers – to do away with WhatsApp fanatics and come up with something that is helpful to farmers.

There was a positive response from the people which lead to the growth of this farming initiative.

Currently we have close to a thousand members who have joined this farming initiative in about two weeks and we are aiming to reach 20 000 committed and on the ground farmers.

Way forward

To grow this farming initiative we have come up with different plans to help, assist, and empower farmers to get much from their fields. So much is being done but little is coming out. So we created some packages to assist farmers which are:


A monthly visit to the farm by a specialist
Weekly zoom meetings with a specialist
Farming material
Seminars on farming
Farming Group benefits

One-on-one virtual meeting with a specialist
Two zoom meetings a month
Farming material
Farming Group benefits

No visit
Group of four (4) people
Farming Group initiative
(More still to come here)
There is a charge to be met on these packages that will cater for costs of specialist, transportation purchasing of material and disbursements.


Those who commit themselves to a subscription of six months will get the fourth month free; will get a virtual certificate after the completion of 30hrs of training and other benefits accordingly. Our farming should be approached with a different perspective.

Our farming, be it small grains, livestock, production or marketing should not be limited by how large or small an area is.

When farmers get specialist – in their different fields – their knowledge will be advanced in how they maintain their farm products. So these trainings and on-site visits will help our farmers to increase their yields.

So do not procrastinate, join us NOW so we move together. One thing we are looking at is to have farming groups.

Our members will team up in their different areas and will be subdivided according to their products.

Specialists, agronomists, Agritex workers will assist farmers by providing constructive knowledge as per the crop, animal or bird.

To help boost the farmer’s market researchers will be working on creating hubs so that the farmer’s produce will be directly processed locally and the end product will be sold to the market.

So Zimbabweans, Africans, Diasporans and everyone interested in farming production I call you to join us in this initiative, let us create the Africa we want.

Let us be manufacturers and processors of raw material to finished products. Let us be in this train together. Do not be left behind. We believe we will go far with this initiative.


N. “Lubs” Luboza is a Sunday Express Correspondent and Co-ordinator Hotseat Africa Agriculture Chapter




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