Battle of Cabo Bridge. By the time we get to Easter, this war will be over

Its not about how many soldiers we lost, but the gravity of the victory


By Digital Sunday Express

A few Zimbabwean soldiers have been killed in action against Islamic Jihadists who are operating in the north of Mozambique – with the Battle for Cabo Bridge now been singled out as the key turning point in the war.

A senior Zimbabwe National Army commander who spoke through an intermediary – told Digital Sunday Express this week that while there had not been much public news reportage about the war in most mainstream media – what Zimbabwean military intelligence had discovered was that the Jihadists did not seem to have any prior training in military tactics, and infact the war was being waged by religious fundamentalists who were learning sabotage and arson on the job.

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi inaugurated the 300 metre long metallic bridge Cabo Bridge over the Montepuez river in Bilibiza last year. The river is deep in the rugged north of Quissanga district, an area that had been flagged in recent weeks as the hot-bed of terrorist activity of Mozambique.

The metallic bridge replaced the conventional bridge which collapsed almost in 2019.

In early January 2020 the river turned into a raging torrent by heavy rains, swept away the central pillars of the bridge, on the main road through Quissanga district.

In early January 2020 the river turned into a raging torrent by heavy rains, swept away the central pillars of the bridge, on the main road through Quissanga district.


This cut off the northern districts of Cabo Delgado (Mueda, Muidumbe, Nangade, Palma and Mocimboa da Praia) from the provincial capital, Pemba, and the south of the province.

“This is a war that is built on a people who believe in their own faith. Its a strict division of their rights, and those who they say are evil. They kill. Look we could not sit by and watch as they continued with the infiltration. Six regions were gone already,” he said.

“Remember that you do not need special training to be a suicide bomber. You have to understand the religious make-up of Mozambique first, and

It also emerged during the interview that a Zimbabwean soldier -called Majory (name variant) – who took part in the Battle at Cabo Bridge had been singled out as the standout performer in the war against the insurgent Jihadists who are now on the backfoot in Northern Mozambique.

While details of the fight against insurgents in Mozambique have largely been shrouded in secrecy, with very little reported either on Zimbabwean radio, television, newspapers or Mozambican mainstream media – it emerged this week that the young Zimbabwean soldier taking part in the offensive had not only was due for military badges.

“We are talking here about six regions which were under intense inflitrations, and which were seeing military action on a daily basis. By the time that reports surfaced that they had beheaded 90 people, no one was saying anything about the cut off of their (terrorists) supply lines to the sea.

“You see it takes anything up to $3 million to run a clandestine ship-and-supply to guerillas while operating from international waters. It was mainly a battle for Cabo Harbour, and I can tell you that their backs are broken.

38 days

“Yes we have lost some soldiers. Remember we have full deployment there, privates, corporals, seargents, and because in any war you go in armed, we have quite a lot of equipment, very good toys of war. The ZNA is offering full military assistance.

“But then we are expecting surrender. Infact I can give you 38 days to the exact day in which they will call a ceasefire. They have already reached out to the Mozambican government to ask for a truce. The matter is now with the alliance leaders, the insurgance is coming to an end, and what happened at Cabo Bridge has boosted the morale of the war effort,” the officer said.

He added that the war had definitely swung in favour of the Mozambican government in the past few days. “Remember that this is an area that is drenched in Cyclones, so conditions are very bad on the ground. We are preparing to hand this over to the diplomats to finish this off, but within four weeks, or just over four weeks, by the time we get to Easter, this war will be over,” he said.

“Maybe if you talk to me again next week, I will give you more details or you can speak directly to the people who fought at Cabo Bridge, then you can have a full story,” he said before he hung up.

The Sunday Express will endeavour to carry more reports about the situation in Northern Mozambique to the best of our ability. See links below


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