National Dialogue Forum: The ten commandments to a successful Zimbabwe

Our value proposal is based on the national interest, and what private citizens will do to move Zimbabwe forward


By Akson Potera


Dear President Mnangagwa, Parliament and Minister Mthuli. I hope this message will be good with you all.

I call upon Prof Mthuli Ncube to step down or be fired for his gross incompetence to deal with the Zimbabwe public service delivery.

Of late – Mthuli has proved to be nothing other than someone who has a bank of Micro Economics (Private sector business economics).

He has no knowledge in how macro economic system works.

Following the Covid 19 pandemic, all African countries, rich and poor are devising national rescue plans, including social grants to the unemployed.

It is only Mthuli in the least poor Zimbabwe who unashamedly announce on February 2021 that “Private Citizens” will have to pay for vaccines.

This is a pure insult to the poor and unemployed Zimbabweans, in a country riding on +90% unemployment rate.

Could a responsible Minister openly announce that insult to the public?

One may guess this was a direct attack to the ordinary people of Zimbabwe and the poor in particular.
Private citizens, accordimg to my thesaurus, means all citizens who are not working in the public sector.

So did he ever consider those who are unemployed, disabled people, those who lost jobs due to the Covid pandemic and school children?

Are we expecting to see our citizens pay for what they have already paid via their tax. This including his fatty salary of $US for nothing?

What has he achieved since he was appointed Minister of Finance except telling us tonnes of budget surplus theories?

He is now trying to privatise the government services so that he makes profit, precisely matching his knowledge and experience of micro economics.

One may wonder what did he want to achieve by trying to divide the people for this vaccine? After all the public sector workers are on a public payroll and paid by us and we have to further pay for the vaccine.

He might have done it deliberately to tarnish the government in a hidden way.

The only damage control the government can apply is for Mthuli to step down or be fired.

Here is the ten point NDF Proposal!

Thank to leaders of other opposition parties who have realised the importance of this proposal though they initially dragged their feet but they have finally now chosen Zimbabwe, not parties.

Our few ounces of energy to support parties are running out. We can’t continue supporting parties which are always in the election mode for the next 5 years without time for service delivery.

National Dialogue Forum is the solution!

*10 Commandments of a successful Zimbabwe.*

I think all parties (mainly Oppositions) must unite and in the forum that we are going with: called *National Dialogue Forum NDF* which focuses much on the solutions of Zimbabwe.

The forum should deliberate on the way how Zimbabwe should move forward.

Where there is a route, there is a way. Even if there are technicalities that we can work with – technicalities to be agreed on, by all stakeholders (not politicians alone) but businesses, CSOs, NGOs, churches and most importantly, the general polace as well.

Polad could have been the correct ground but unfortunately some party leaders wanted to be the referee and the player at the same time leading to the failure of that Polad.

We have a lot of national topics to discuss and stabilise Zimbabwe internally:

1. Unemployment
2. Political reforms
3. Economic turn- around strategy
3.1 Dealing with Indigenous Business Laws.
3.2 Maintaining Investors Confidence and solid international relations.
3.3 Industrial Development
4. Application of Devolution
5. Covid 19 action plan.
6. Local Social & Economic Development (Community Development).
7. Lifting of Sanctions and elimination of corruption.
8. National Reconciliation Commission – not forgeting Gukurahundi
9. Land and Food Security
10. Media Freedom.

These are not the only problems but they are the basic ones. It is now high time Zimbabweans put their political difference aside and focus on solving national problems.

I love Zimbabwe and everybody living in her. Poor people are citizens too and should enjoy what rich people enjoy.

Thank you Zimbabwe Digital News and The Sunday Express for the opportunity to speak to your multitudes of readers and followers

ADP President Akson Potera.


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