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By Lady Adds


This week I woke up to my new role as a columnist on this newspaper, and we have started on a high note. I picked up really cool responses from Instagram and Facebook – and since yesterday it has been non-stop calls, inboxing and calling.

Everywhere I go, it is: Free Your Mind, Speak Your Mind with Lady Adds.

Front page news, even Sifiso from Metro FM posts Hey beautiful, I came across you on Insta. For a moment I think, what have I done. So now this is about tabloid news on a Sunday morning.

I text the Editor of Sunday Express and tell him that he has spoiled my weekend. He texts back some laugh laugh smileys. He says that you are making the news Lady Adds, the newspaper is just carrying it.

So here is the column that is making all the Sunday Express news:

  1. Women Abuse

That very upsetting video has been circulating on social media and throughout most Zimbabwean groups.



What is more upsetting are the comments by my Zimbabwean men – and the woman recording this assault. (Inbox if you haven’t seen the footage).

In South Africa, the community would have already found this man, found his ancestors, his place of work and brought the house down on this guy.

But what do you see on social media from my folks? Infact some seemed to encourage it.

Some comments that I read said: “I paid lobola for her, she is a prostitute, she cheated, women get beaten because they cheat, violence against a prostitute not a woman, hure ngarirobwe” etc. Its just sick I say.

Regardless of what the woman did, I couldn’t give two cents f#$%ks and a tissue how much you paid for her, nor does name calling her justify this type of abuse.

Now here is a harsh fact for many men out there. You were probably raised on prostitution money!

You have no idea what your mama had to do to feed you, cloth you, educate you, save you. You were probably that child that brought her unhappiness.

You were probably the reason your mama got beaten up and you don’t even know it! But here you are on social media today – all grown-up – pontificating and encouraging someone’s daughter to be beaten like a runaway slave.

Shame on you my brothers who abuse women like this video. Shame! No wonder God has brought suffering to our country because our men have no strength to stand up against a simple wrong.

We are in the dark and before we talk about taking the country back, economy etc, let’s deal with what is flying on social media, and your comments.

Whatsapp Groups

Now, can we talk about the sorcery that is playing out on that other social media called whatsapp groups.

Many of the readers of this newspaper are running multiple groups and sharing information like never before. Cool.

Everyday I wake to a new WhatsApp group that I’ve been added to. You have a conversation with someone then.. boom… you realise that you have been added into a gang of heartless members.

What makes it worse is that WhatsApp doesn’t have a tab for all the groups you are in. They sleeping on the job. Why can’t there be WhatsApp Groups, just like there is WhatApp Business?

I’m on groups I don’t even know I’m on, some I even forgot about. It’s exhausting to say the least especially groups that are formed just nje because people are bored.

Even those school alumni groups, you spend months with people you no longer have a connectuion with, and all you do is exchange little chit-chat and small-talk.

No benefit. Nothing. In all my seven groups of old students association chabuda chaicho hapana.

Dare I start on those COVID PPE groups? Oh my word. All noise and no activity. Then there are those selling groups. These I like they have cool stuff and bargains! Then let’s go to the Church groups.

What starts as a church group ends up carrying nudes.
People start exiting and only then do the admins who were sleeping on the job wake up.

But its too late. The person who put the nudes has probably “left” also. For me, whatsapp groups are now a no no. Too much gossip.

Lest we forget those event groups – baby shower, weddings, birthday etc. Some are still OK. But the rest you will see that I also “left”. No hard feelings.


Now on a serious note, check out this poster on The Sunday Express, and also on my social media.


If you don’t have a copy of this weeks Sunday Express, inbox me and I’ll share


It is the unveiling of Ndinotaura Zvandinoda with Lady Adds – a fun, witty, comical, motivational magazine show that is addressing everyday issues on Jit Television Channel. Nguva Yasvika. For those who were following the news about Jit-TV, well then here is something to look forward to.

The show is coming in a few weeks – don’t worry, you will be the first one to know, and through this digital newspaper and other platforms.

One thing that you will see immediately is that we – myself and the channel – are proudly representing Zimbabwe’s Midlands Province. If its news from that region, then you are in the right place.

But we are also representing the national interest, those of abused women, and the girl child, through the Kenzie Foundation, and in other digital media. Through the programme you shall get to hear, and see more of what exactly we are on to.

So at Free Your Mind I am pulling no punches, and if you fear the truth, rather stay away from the programme at Ndinotaura, because ndichataura zvandinoda – period.

Stay in touch, and will catch you with the next news update with Lady Adds.





Addlyne Hencil is with Jit-Tv & The Media Box, Mud Hut Consulting, Tinavo Holdings, and Healthcare Infusion Solutions. This column is published in partnership with The Sunday Express. Follow her on social media. Her new programme Ndinotaura Zvandinoda, is loading





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